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Application of "Industrial Engineering" in the Planning and Design of German Industry 4.0 Generation Coating Production Line



"Industrial engineering", as an applied engineering expertise, originated at the beginning of the last century and has been widely used in developed countries. Its role is to optimize the configuration of production system elements such as people, equipment, materials, information and the environment, and systematically plan and design, evaluate and innovate production processes, thereby improving industrial production efficiency and maximizing social and economic benefits. Development is becoming more extensive. "Industrial engineering" is particularly important for the planning and design of the German Industry 4.0 generation coating production line. Because the coating production line is an irreversible equipment, once it is completed, it is difficult to change and requires "source management". Starting from the planning and design of the coating workshop, based on the coating technology, according to the theory of "industrial engineering" and "industrial management" Carry out planning, overall analysis, overall optimization, and reasonable allocation, in order to obtain the greatest benefits with the smallest investment.

Coating Production Line
The coating production line is a typical special non-standard equipment. To achieve the expected goals of investment, efficiency, benefit, safety and health, it first depends on the user's target requirements, namely layout, process, configuration, control, etc., using the latest coating environmental protection Technology, robot coating and flexible control and many other new technologies have made the previously difficult-to-achieve goals feasible, and the "industrial engineering" theory has become the theoretical guidance for the planning and design of the German Industry 4.0 generation coating production line.
Through the organization and implementation of "industrial engineering", the design requirements of the coating production line are clear, the process layout is clear, the configuration is reasonable, the operating time and operating standards are determined, and the health and safety guarantees, especially the coating quality, cost, and efficiency. Reasonable design basis can also be obtained in waste water treatment, power supply, logistics, etc. In the entire workflow, the information flow is the part that needs to be highly valued. It comes from the user's production management practice and innovation experiment, which determines the correctness of prediction and evaluation, the feasibility of improvement measures, and directly leads to the ultimate efficiency and benefit.

Coating Production Line
The design and development of the German Industry 4.0-generation coating production line is restricted by the knowledge level, experience capability, supply system, processing and installation capabilities of the design engineer, etc., resulting in the complete equipment function, mechanical capability, reliability and maintainability of the project. All aspects of ergonomics and other aspects meet the entire product development requirements with greater risks, and there are even individual failure cases. Therefore, in the whole process of design work, it is necessary to adopt "DFMEA", namely design failure mode analysis, to effectively control the risks of new technologies.
Establish the organization of DFMEA, compile "potential failure mode and impact analysis", evaluate various factors involved in design, process, operation and use, equipment maintenance and assessment of risks, recommend preventive measures for projects with high risk evaluation index, and include them as feasible In the sexual plan, based on existing knowledge and technology, in all stages of product development, "pre-action" eliminates risks or reduces risks to an acceptable level. After the project is over, summarize and improve, collect usage and maintenance data, and enrich the DFMEA database.