Cathodic electrophoresis equipment composition of heavy-duty vehicle frame coating production line


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Cathodic electrophoresis equipment of heavy-duty vehicle frame coating production line is mainly composed of process tank, auxiliary tank, platform, exhaust system, sealing liquid system, lighting system, circulation system, temperature control system (including refrigeration device), electrophoresis feeding device, water supply pipeline, anode system, ultrafiltration system , Power supply system (including rectifier power supply and backup power supply), tank liquid transfer system, sewage system and electronic control system.

Cathodic electrophoresis
1. Electrophoresis tank
The electrophoresis tank adopts the main and auxiliary tank structure, the outlet end of the main tank is provided with an auxiliary tank, the volume of the auxiliary tank is 10% of the volume of the main tank, and an overflow weir is set between the main and auxiliary tanks. The tank body is made of δ 5 mm carbon steel plate, and the inner wall of the tank is coated with δ 6 mm FRP anticorrosive material, which can withstand 20 000 V DC voltage in a dry state. A concave structure is provided at the bottom of one end of the electrophoresis tank and the post-rinsing tank body to facilitate sewage and cleaning.
2. Anode system
The anode adopts a tubular diaphragm anode, the anode membrane is imported, the anode is made of stainless steel (thickness ≥3 mm), the anode is equipped with a quick-connect connector, and the anode is connected with a safety shield. Each tubular anode is equipped with a rubber insulating sleeve . When the anolyte conductivity exceeds the process value, the pure water valve will automatically open and enter the anolyte storage tank. The pump, electrode and anolyte tank are made of stainless steel. The anode tank is equipped with a liquid level gauge. When the liquid level drops to a certain limit, the anode liquid circulation pump stops working and alarms.

Cathodic electrophoresis equipment
3. Ultrafiltration system
The ultrafiltration circulating pump draws the bath liquid from the electrophoresis tank, and sends it to the ultrafiltration system through the bag filter, and the electrophoretic paint returns to the spray tube of the electrophoresis main tank. The ultrafiltration permeate is sent to the shaft seal tank and the clean ultrafiltrate water tank. When the level of the water tank reaches a certain height, the ultrafiltrate is automatically sent to the UF2 tank and overflows to the electrophoresis tank step by step to meet the paint recovery and liquid level balance Requirements. This line uses a roll-type ultrafiltration device. In the event of a membrane group failure, the system can continue to run, and can be cleaned without stopping the machine.
4. Temperature control system
The refrigeration unit is used to provide the cold source, the electrophoresis tank liquid is sent to the plate heat exchanger through the circulation pipeline and filter for temperature exchange, and then returned to the main tank via the ejector. An automatic temperature control device is set up. When the electrophoresis liquid temperature is higher than the set temperature The solenoid valve on the cold coal water pipe will automatically open for cooling. There is a temperature sensor on the inlet pipe of the electrophoretic paint temperature control pump, and a three-way electric regulating valve on the refrigerant water pipe, which automatically controls the electrophoretic paint bath temperature to 28 ~ 32 ℃ .
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