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What are the characteristics of the coating production line under German Industry 4.0?


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Since the 1950s, my country has introduced coating production lines from the Soviet Union, and has continuously improved its technical strength through technology introduction and foreign technology exchanges. At Hannover Messe in April 2013, the German government officially launched the "Industry 4.0" strategy. With the rapid development of technology, the domestic market has been synchronized with the advanced level of foreign countries, but the high-end coating production line market is dominated by foreign brands. The vast majority of domestic brands are still at the low-end level, and only a few domestic brands are at the high-end level. So, what is special about the coating production line under German Industry 4.0? Why are we in a state of catching up with such a developed industrial base?

coating production line
The coating production line under German Industry 4.0 is a comprehensive integration of advanced coating technology, environmental protection technology, automation technology, information technology, computer network technology, and intelligent control technology, using "industrial engineering", "lean production", and "clean production" The coating production line planned and designed in combination with product market demand and other technologies and management ideas, has obvious intergenerational progress in energy consumption, resource consumption, environmental protection, hygiene, safety, product quality and production management, etc. It is a coating material , Coating process, coating equipment, coating management and other four aspects of continuous development of organic integration.

coating production line
These main characteristics do not exist independently, but are interrelated and mutually reinforcing. For example, under the same conditions, higher production efficiency means less emissions. "Less resource consumption" includes the occupation and consumption of resources such as land, factory buildings, energy, and water; "Less material consumption" includes material consumption such as coating materials, production consumption, non-conforming products, production, management and maintenance; "Higher "Production efficiency" includes product production efficiency, space and land use efficiency, time and labor efficiency, energy efficiency, and "three wastes" emission efficiency. To achieve the above goals, "source management" must be carried out. Effective management is implemented in the whole process from planning to design, production and operation improvement, and the main problems are eliminated from the source. Therefore, the construction of the coating production line under German Industry 4.0 must be planned from the user From the beginning, starting from the design of the scheme, using technologies and theories such as "industrial engineering", "lean production", and "clean production", and the organic combination of engineering technology and soft technology, it is possible to produce a coating production line that meets the characteristics of the German Industry 4.0 High-end coating production line for own needs.