Let me tell you the secret about the water curtain spray booth!


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1.What is the water curtain spray booth?

    Water curtain spray booth, also known as water spray booth, water curtain booth and so on. It consists of chamber body, water tank, stainless steel water curtain board, water circulation system, exhaust air filtration system, etc. It can effectively prevent the waste paint from being discharged and pollute the environment while the workpiece is sprayed normally. The water curtain panel structure is advanced and reasonable, ensuring indoor airflow speed, improving paint lacquering rate and residual paint capture rate. The water curtain layer is even, continuous, reliable and uninterrupted with waterless splash. The scroll device and the gas-water separation baffle can be assembled and disassembled, which can fully wash and separate the residual paint and soda water, can achieve the purification environment and conveniently solve the problem of cleaning and preservation of the paint residue on the board, and is particularly convenient for maintenance.

Water curtain spray booth

2.Working principle of water curtain spray booth

    The workpiece is fed into the spray booth through the overhead conveyor or placed on the table. The operator uses a hand-held electrostatic spray gun or a fixed cup spray gun to spray the workpiece using an electrostatic spray gun, and the paint mist capture effect is good. The scattered spray paint mist is sucked to the water curtain for purification with the airflow, and after being sprayed and purified, the purified gas is discharged to the outside through the gas-water separation device. The paint mist captured by the water curtain oozes into the water tank with the water flow, and is pumped and filtered by the water pump, and the paint residue floats on the water surface. Then, the paint coagulant is added into the pool, and the paint residue is condensed into a loose mass, and then the container is used for centralized treatment to keep the water clean, thereby completing the purpose of purifying the paint mist.


3.Single curtain or double curtain?

    The water curtain spray booth (hereinafter referred to as the water curtain machine) used to be a single curtain type. After the sprayed air is atomized by the compressed air, it is sprayed from the spray gun to the surface of the workpiece. The excess paint mist flows under the negative pressure of the water curtain machine to the exhaust port below the water curtain plate, and the air flow in the entire spray area flows obliquely downward.


    The coating company designed the water curtain panel as a double curtain in consideration of the better air flow in the spray environment and the limitation of the size of the water curtain plate by the width of the stainless steel plate. There is no essential change in the single curtain type and the double curtain type. The double curtain type adds an exhaust port in the middle of the water curtain plate, and the middle exhaust port forms a parallel flow of the air flow from the paint mist generated from the spray gun to the exhaust port. The air flow is advantageous for spraying a large-area workpiece in a horizontal direction, which can reduce the interference of the paint mist on the sprayed workpiece and improve the quality of the paint film.

Electrostatic spraying line machine

4.Water curtain spray booth application range

    Spraying of workpieces in machinery, auto parts, metal products, decorative parts, home appliances, furniture, etc. The water curtain spray booth can be used for single-side spraying or multiple units for double-sided spraying.


5.What is the price of the water curtain spray booth?

    Water curtain spray booth is a non-standard equipment, there is no fixed price, generally need to be tailor-made, can provide you with a rough reference price: about 15,000 yuan, different product specifications are also different.


    The above is all the knowledge of the water curtain spray booth that I have arranged for you. Next, I will introduce the design, advantages and disadvantages of the water curtain spray booth. Welcome everyone to pay attention to our latest information! Watch more videos

Let me tell you the secret about the water curtain spray booth!

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