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What are the advantages of Guangdong Chuangzhi Auto Lens Automatic Coating Production Line?



Due to the small size of the automobile lens, the different shapes, and the high requirements for explosion-proof materials, the safety protection requirements for the coating production line during the spraying process are relatively high. Therefore, in each equipment of the automobile lens automatic coating production line All need to strengthen safety measures and design to avoid major production accidents as much as possible.
Compared with other peers, Guangdong Chuangzhi has rich experience in the auto parts industry and is very familiar with automobile production safety standards. The following are the advantages of Guangdong Chuangzhi auto lens coating production line:

Automatic Coating Production Line
(1) Each workpiece turnover area is equipped with workpiece sensing devices, which can clearly and intuitively understand the operating status of the workpiece from the man-machine interface;
(2) The IR radiant tube in the furnace, each group can independently adjust the energy, can accurately control the furnace temperature, any group of failure, there will be an alarm;
(3) Each set of UV lamps in the UV curing furnace is independently controlled, the output power of the UV lamps is adjustable from 30% to 100%, and the distance and angle of the lamp box from the surface of the workpiece are independently adjustable;
(4) To ensure operational safety, door safety switches are installed on the inspection doors in each area. When the inspection doors are in normal operation, the equipment will stop running and alarm when the inspection doors are opened. In key areas, check the door to install a door lock safety switch (mechanical lock/electromagnetic release), and you can open the door when the equipment is working normally. Only designated personnel can unlock and open the door by issuing a safety door lock release command in the city. The device will stop running immediately after the door is opened. All inspection door safety switches will alarm and interlock with the system after opening. After the maintenance is completed, the maintenance personnel need to press the reset button of the door safety switch accessory to restart the machine. The safety circuit of the entire line meets the Class 3 safety circuit standard;

Automatic Coating Production Line
(5) There is a dangerous gas concentration alarm system. This system is imported from Italy MSA company, with perfect functions and reliable performance. By configuring various gas concentration detection probes, reliable gas monitoring and alarming can be provided, and it has three-level alarm functions (careful, pre-alarm, and alarm), which are distributed in the paint supply room and spray room, etc.
(6) The electrical equipment of the entire line body is selected and configured according to the principle of quick replacement. C. Proximity switches, solenoid valves and other electrical equipment are made of quick plugs for quick replacement;
(7) The power supply system of the whole line is composed of plastic case four-pole switch + isolating switch + voltage release + three-phase voltage relay + power analyzer.

Automatic Coating Production Line
Four-pole switch: cut off the three-phase and neutral line to ensure the safety of equipment maintenance personnel;
Isolation switch: Completely cut off the power supply to provide users with more security;
Voltage release: when the voltage is low to a certain degree, the main switch automatically trips or cannot be closed to protect electrical equipment;
Three-phase voltage relay: It has monitoring functions for overvoltage, undervoltage, and lack of equality, and feeds these functions back to the control system for alarm;
Power analyzer: a smart meter based on a 32-bit microprocessor. Measurable scenes: two-phase current, neutral current, three-phase/line voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, active power, available for detailed analysis by customers Power usage status.