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Why is my country's EMU so powerful? Let's start with CRRC's fully intelligent coating production line!



Today, China's high-speed railways and high-speed trains we have seen are well-known all over the world and become an important business card of our country! However, behind this power lies the improvement and maturity of China's industrial base, as well as the continuous exploration and sacrifice of tens of millions of Chinese companies. Among them, CRRC is the typical representative. CRRC, as a large-scale comprehensive industrial group with China's rail transit equipment as its core, continues to promote China's high-end equipment manufacturing to the world. Let us walk into CRRC's all-intelligent coating production line and witness the power of China together!

coating production line
  Input instructions, automatic retrieving, automatic production...The National People's Congress, Secretary of the Party Committee of CRRC Zhuzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., Chairman Zhou Qinghe recently stated that the world's smart manufacturing workshop for rail transit bogies has been put into operation in the company.
  CRRC’s intelligent manufacturing project has a total of 11 automated intelligent intelligent manufacturing production lines. All 11 sub-production lines have been put into operation recently, covering the entire bogie manufacturing process including processing, assembly, welding, painting, and logistics. Workers only need to input instructions, and the automatic transport trolley can take materials from the three-dimensional material warehouse and transport them to the corresponding stations. The intelligent manufacturing equipment will automatically produce according to the material two-dimensional code parameter information, and then generate a new two-dimensional code and enter the next step . The entire production process is completed automatically, without manual assistance or intervention.

coating production line
  The project also solved the problem of collaboration between intelligent manufacturing production lines. After careful planning, 11 sub-production lines can achieve the maximum synergy balance and minimize the mutual waiting time. Among them, the mutual waiting time between the three production lines of bogie frame, wheels and axles is basically zero. At the same time, the intelligent bogie manufacturing workshop can carry out flexible production according to task changes, and realize the simultaneous implementation of small batch trial production and mass production, and one wheel can be produced in about 20 minutes.
  The suppliers identified by CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. through standardized bidding on the basis of thorough investigations all represent the high standards of the industry. Among them, the frame assembly welding line supplier is undertaken by Germany Cruise; the wheel and axle processing automatic production line supplier is undertaken by Germany NSH; the bogie bolster automatic coating production line is undertaken by Guangdong Chuangzhi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
The intelligent bogie manufacturing project was completed by independent innovation planning and construction without any experience for reference. After its operation, compared with the traditional manual operation mode, the personnel is reduced by 50%, the operating cost is reduced by 20%, the product development cycle is shortened by more than 35%, and the production efficiency of the whole bogie is increased by 30%. This will help enterprises and the industry to popularize the implementation of intelligent manufacturing in the future. , To find out a set of successful experience.

coating production line
  Among them, the “intelligent robot coating line” of CRRC Zhuzhou Plant is an “intelligent coating line” produced by a mixing line of oil-based paint and water-based paint by CRRC’s brother. The “automatic coating line” designed and manufactured by Guangdong Chuangzhi for CRRC Zhuzhou Plant "Assembling line" is a key project of intelligent manufacturing. The birth of this line means that China's intelligent coating technology has taken another big step with the support of national policies. In terms of automation, all workpiece transfers in the coating line are transported by AGV smart carts. Large-scale non-standard truss robots are used for loading and unloading workpieces automatically. All stations on the line body are automatically painted by spray robots. The paint supply system of the intelligent painting robot is fully automated from automatic proportioning, two-component mixing and conveying. In terms of informatization: "To realize the intelligent manufacturing of bogies, in general, is to integrate MES, ERP and other information systems and intelligent hardware equipment on the basis of the three-dimensional engineering platform first established by CRRC Zhuji to realize R&D and process technology. , Digitization of simulation verification, intelligence of manufacturing process, information collection, material distribution, and quality control."