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Truck crane spraying production line for large construction machinery spraying



As the national infrastructure construction continues to heat up, truck cranes, one of the representative products of construction machinery, have ushered in rapid development. As an important link in the entire manufacturing process and the final link before the finished product, the spraying of the whole truck crane can not only improve the appearance quality of the whole product, but also can improve the anti-corrosion performance and prolong the service life of the crane through suitable spraying, thus constituting the product value Important factor. In order to enhance product competitiveness and meet the needs of company development and market competition, a construction machinery manufacturer commissioned a design institute to design and build a modern automobile crane spraying production line.
The equipment of the spraying production line of the truck crane machine is mainly composed of a cleaning room, a drying room, a water spin spraying room, and a workpiece conveying system.

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1. Cleaning room of automobile crane spraying production line
The cleaning room completes the manual cleaning of the workpiece, which is composed of the room body, the exhaust system, the lighting system and the cleaning device, and adopts the spray cleaning method. The process is to spray the treatment liquid on the surface of the workpiece with a water pump, and use the thousand machinery to flush to complete the surface treatment process such as degreasing. The cleaning room has a dual-purpose function. Through the valve switching, two processes of cleaning agent cleaning and tap water flushing are completed to improve the surface cleanliness of the workpiece [3}.
The cleaning chamber body adopts a steel frame plate structure, which has sufficient strength and rigidity and is beautiful and generous. There are electric gates and anti-collision columns at both ends of the chamber body, and pedestrian safety gates on the side. Large-area glass and lighting devices are provided on the side of the chamber body.
The top of the chamber is equipped with an exhaust system, and the water vapor during the cleaning process is discharged at high altitude through the centrifugal fan to prevent it from polluting the workshop. The washing machine adopts two imported electric heating high temperature and high pressure washing machines, and the washing water is discharged through the trench to the wastewater treatment station in the factory area and discharged after reaching the standard.

crane spraying production line
2. Water spin spraying room of automobile crane spraying production line
The water spin spray booth is currently one of the most comprehensive spray booths in the world. It consists of a chamber body, lighting device, air supply system, exhaust system, paint mist purification device, three-dimensional operating table, and electronic control device.
The chamber body also adopts a steel frame plate structure, with a static pressure chamber on the top, and a medium-efficiency filtering non-woven fabric in the static pressure chamber, so that the clean air sent into the chamber body is pressed down along the top of the chamber body in a laminar flow state, which is effective Control the spread of paint mist. The lighting devices are installed on both sides of the chamber and controlled in groups.
The air supply system is composed of air supply air conditioning units and ventilation pipes. The components of the blower are fresh air mixing section, primary effect filter section, medium efficiency filter section, fan packing section, heating section, muffler section, air supply section, etc., which effectively ensure the cleanliness of the incoming air; natural gas heating is used in winter , The indoor temperature reaches 15℃, which improves the working environment. The exhaust system is installed on the steel structure platform on the side of the chamber body, and the circulating pool is arranged nearby under the platform, and the equipment layout is compact.

crane spraying production line
The paint mist purification device is installed in the pit at the lower part of the chamber body to purify the air polluted by the paint mist inside the treatment chamber body. It is composed of a water supply system, a hydraulic spinner, and a grille floor. The strong wind sent by the air supply system presses the overspray mist into the swirling water with paint mist flocculant, and the paint mist flocculant destroys the viscosity of the paint, so that it becomes a modified paint and gathers together to form a solid paint Slag, and then the paint mist is purified by manual slag removal. To facilitate the spraying operation of workers, three-dimensional lifting platforms are installed on both sides of the chamber body.
3. Drying room of truck crane spray production line
It is mainly composed of chamber body, hot air circulation system, heating system, exhaust gas purification and exhaust system. The chamber body adopts a composite color board inserting structure. The workpiece is heated by the circulation method of air supply on both sides and return air at the top. The number of indoor air circulation is 3.5 times/min. The heated air is sent to the drying room by the circulating fan, and the hot air evenly heats the workpiece after being fully stirred.
The heating system adopts Maxon direct-fired burner, the heat source is natural gas, the thermal efficiency is high, the operating cost is saved, the structure is exquisite, the maintenance is convenient, the fully automatic control, safe and reliable, has gradually become the development trend of the industry. The circulating air containing exhaust gas is introduced into the combustion chamber, and after combustion treatment, it is discharged to the high-altitude emission standard in the concentrated smoke bank. An exhaust port is provided in the drying room to discharge exhaust gas to prevent the accumulation of organic gas.

crane spraying production line
4. Double-plate chain conveyor for automobile crane spraying production line
In order to avoid paint pollution when the whole vehicle is driving, it is convenient to shield the working surface of the product that does not need to be painted, the whole vehicle is conveyed by a double-plate chain conveyor in the painting and drying process. It is mainly composed of driving device, tensioning device, transmission shaft assembly, electrical control system, etc. The driving device adopts the domestic famous brand motor reducer, and the conveyor is driven by the first-level chain drive. The tensioning device uses a thousand to absorb the excess chain, adopts a spring screw for compound tension, and sets a limit switch. When the slider bearing exceeds the set range, the conveyor stops.
The drive shaft assembly is mainly composed of a main shaft, a passive drive sprocket, a traction chain sprocket, a bearing, etc. The bearing adopts domestic famous brand bearing products. In order to protect the conveyor, safety pin protection is set on the drive sprocket. The conveyor is interlocked with the electric door of the chamber body, that is, when the door is opened in place, the whole vehicle can enter and exit the chamber body with the conveyor; when the door is not opened in place or closed, the conveyor cannot run.