What are the advantages of the painting robot for the automotive industry?


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With the rapid development of automatic painting technology, spray painting robots have become the main equipment for painting operations in the automotive industry.  


A few years ago, the painting work of automobile shell and auto parts had to rely on manual operation, but the application of painting robots brought changes to the long-term traditional development of the industry. So, what is the reason for car companies to start using painting robots extensively?


Advantages of using a painting robot:


1. The painting robot can continuously produce for 24 hours, which not only improves the output and quality of the painting operation, but also saves labor costs.


2. The painting robot performs stable and repeated spraying according to the preset program instructions during the spraying operation, and the distance, angle, paint output and atomization effect of the spraying are also pre-commissioned and set, so the coating quality is very stable.


3. The painting robot is highly flexible and can be sprayed to locations that are difficult to apply by manual operation.


4. The painting is also flexible to install on the ground, hanging from the top or on the side of the spray booth for painting. Watch more videos

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