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Which industries can be used for shot blasting machines?



1. Foundry industry: Castings produced by general foundry companies require grinding and polishing. Shot blasting machines are specialized machines used in this field. He uses different models according to different workpieces, and will not damage the original shape and performance of the castings.

2. Mold industry: In general, molds are mostly cast, and the mold itself requires smoothness. The shot blasting machine can be polished according to different requirements without damaging the original shape and performance of the mold.

3. Steel mills: The steel products and steel plates produced by steel mills have many burrs when they are released, which affects the quality and sales of steel products. Using a shot blasting machine can handle these problems and solve these problems.

4. Shipyard: The steel used in the shipyard is rusted and will affect the quality of the shipbuilding. It is impossible to use artificial extinction, as the workload will be great. This requires the machine to remove rust and ensure the quality of shipbuilding. The formula can be solved;

5. Automobile factory: According to the work requirements of automobile manufacturers, the used steel plates and some castings are required to be polished. However, the strength of the steel plates and the original appearance cannot be damaged. The appearance of the castings must be clean and beautiful. . Because automotive parts are not very regular, they require different polishing machines to complete. Shot blasting machines that need to be used include: drum type, rotary table type, track type, pass type shot blasting machine, different mechanical processing of different workpieces;

6. Hardware factory, electroplating factory: As the hardware factory and the electroplating factory require the workpiece surface to be clean, smooth and smooth, the shot blasting machine can solve these problems. The hardware factory workpiece is small, suitable for the use of drum shot blasting machine and crawler shot blasting machine, depending on the circumstances. If the electroplating factory cleans the workpiece smaller and the volume is larger, a track-type shot blasting machine may be used to complete the embroidering and polishing of the workpiece.

7. Motorcycle accessories factory: Due to the small size of the motorcycle parts, it is suitable to use the drum shot blasting machine. If the amount is large, the hook type or crawler type will be used.

8. Valve Factory: Since the workpieces of the valve factory are all cast, they need to be polished and polished to be clean, smooth, and smooth. This requires a shot blasting machine to clean these impurities. Available machinery: rotary table, hook shot blasting machine.

9. Bearing Factory: The bearing is pressed by the mold, the surface is smooth, but sometimes there are some impurities or burrs, which also need to be cleaned, then the blasting machine will come in handy.

10. Steel construction enterprises: steel structures must be rust-removed prior to use to meet the requirements of the state's regulations. Automated cleaning through the shot blasting machine eliminates the need for manual rust removal and reduces the environmental pollution of pickling. problem.

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