The difference between reciprocating machine and robot spraying


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Both the reciprocating machine and robot spraying are universally usable in the coating industry, which have extensive application in industrial coating. However, the workpiece and application range of spraying are different. Do you know the difference between these two automatic spraying devices?
Equipment utilization rate: 
Reciprocating machine has less utilization rate than robot spraying, the reciprocating spraying machine can only do simple mechanical movement as up and down in the specific spraying production process bcause its relatively simple structure, and  is also a non-standard customized equipment, generally according to the workpiece for customized production, though makes the reciprocating spray machine can only spray the same shape of the workpiece, if the shape of the workpiece changes can not be very good to complete the spray. 
Industrial robotic arm equipped with a bank of spray guns. The flexibility and accuracy of the robotic arm allows programming of complex spray patterns to ensure uniform coverage with minimal waste. Pump and fluid regulator pressures can be adjusted to further optimize spray transfer patterns.A programmable logic controller (PLC) uses photo eyes and other devices to determine the height and width of the workpiece as well as the workpiece location on the conveyor line. This allows the robot to properly position the spray guns for precise sealer application and transfer efficiency.
The utilization rate of the reciprocating spraying machine is much lower than that of the spraying robot, but the efficiency of the reciprocating spraying machine will higher when spraying the same kind of workpiece and the reciprocating spraying machine has less maintenance than robot spraying.
The cost of equipment:
The price of reciprocating spraying machine is much cheaper than the spraying robot, which is because the construction of reciprocating spraying machine is not so complicated as spraying robot, and the parts used are not as many as spraying robot.And the process of spraying robot manufacturing is more complex, and accessories are more, so the price of reciprocating spraying machine is cheaper than spraying robot.
Reciprocating spraying machine and spraying robot have their own advantages and disadvantages, we can choose according to the coating requirements of the workpiece in the specific selection process.
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