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What are the spraying processes for automotive aluminum alloy wheels?


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In the aluminum wheel manufacturing process, the spraying process is a very critical link. By strengthening the quality control of the spraying process, it is not only helpful to make the appearance of the aluminum wheel more beautiful and generous, but more importantly, to avoid pollutants in the driving environment of the car. The erosion of the wheel hub prolongs the life of the wheel. Among them, the spraying process of automobile aluminum alloy wheels includes powder spraying process and painting process.
1. Powder spraying process
Powder spraying is the first process in the spraying process of aluminum wheels, and its main function is to cover smoothly and prevent corrosion. The spraying thickness of 100 microns can effectively improve the performance of the aluminum wheel, which can make the aluminum wheel better adapt to the driving environment, help improve the safety of the driver, and also help extend the service life of the aluminum wheel. In the spraying process of aluminum wheels, powder spraying can effectively cover the defects on the surface of aluminum wheels, which is conducive to the smooth development of the subsequent processes. The powder spraying continuous production line includes thermal energy system, curing furnace, chain conveyor system, recycling system, powder spraying room and powder spraying gun. Depending on the manufacturer, the relevant standards also have certain differences, which should be determined reasonably with reference to the actual situation of the wheel. There are a variety of powder spraying powders to choose from. Epoxy powder focuses on corrosion prevention, and polyester powder focuses on weather resistance. Epoxy polyester powder is also a more commonly used powder, which organically combines the advantages of the two. In the process of practice, reasonable selection should be made according to the actual needs of customers and the actual situation of aluminum wheel production. In addition, before manual powder spraying, the training of construction personnel should be strengthened to improve their professional capabilities and ensure that the staff Only after mastering the powder spraying technology can the work be started to ensure the quality and effect of powder spraying.
2. Painting process
In order to improve the appearance of the car, we must pay more attention to the painting process. By improving the quality and effect of the painting process, it is beneficial to make the appearance of the aluminum wheel more beautiful and generous, thereby improving the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. At the same time, it can also produce a good protective effect on the aluminum wheel hub, thereby prolonging the service life of the aluminum wheel hub. Color paint and varnish are two types of spray paint. Generally speaking, an aluminum wheel production line will have about 3 spray booths to effectively ensure the full spraying of the aluminum wheel. The operating environment of aluminum wheels is relatively harsh. Based on this, there are very strict requirements on the quality of the coating. Acrylic baking varnish can be selected to effectively avoid the appearance of color difference. Whether it is varnish or color paint, it can be obtained. The desired effect. In the process of manual painting of aluminum wheels, the placement of aluminum wheels should be reasonably determined. At the same time, the staff must also have skilled and agile painting techniques to ensure the smooth development of painting work and effectively improve the quality of painting.


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