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Talking about the site spraying production line


Chuangzhi Coating

As the name suggests, the floor-type spraying line is sprayed by ground rail transportation. The process flow: loading, automatic dust removal room, manual repair color room, infrared preheating room, manual spraying room, robot spraying room, manual spraying room, flow Flat area, microwave heating, UV light curing, lower parts. Its advantages are stable precision, good wear resistance, even workpiece rotation, robot multi-point spraying, automatic induction spraying, reducing paint loss, and suitable for all kinds of panel furniture.
The mainstream ground spray booths have two options: dry and water-based spray booths. They can also be designed according to the workpiece and paint characteristics. The dry spray booth has a simple structure and greatly reduces costs. Shuilian spraying room uses water circulation, which is relatively more 

robot spraying room
environmentally friendly and easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, most of the floor-type spraying production lines use robot spraying, which has a fast pace of production and can work 24 hours a day, and the output is 1-3 times that of manual labor. The overall surface of the product has uniform coating, high precision, product qualification rate of more than 95%, high explosion-proof level of the robot, good safety performance, easy operation and control, flexible control of spraying flow, which can save 30% of the paint volume, occupying an area The area is small, which can effectively save site space.

flow Flat area
The ground rail conveying accuracy is stable, the wear resistance is good, the workpiece rotates evenly, the robot multi-point spraying, automatic induction spraying, reduce paint loss. Suitable for all kinds of panel furniture.


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