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Coating production line manufacturers talk about how to operate the automatic spraying line


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Everyone should know the automatic spraying line. The automatic spraying line is to spray your favorite color or decoration on the surface of the product by automatic spraying, instead of manual spraying. It also has fast speed, uniform spraying and high efficiency. It is an alternative to labor. The output is large and the efficiency is high, which is 4 to 5 times that of labor products. So, how to operate the automatic spraying line?Sports Goods Coating Production Line
1. First start the air compressor, the pressure is 5.8 kg/cm, and it is connected to the spray gun head.
2. Check whether the fuel line is normal. After normal operation, turn on the main switch of the fuel line and separate the switch.
3. Turn off the power switch, press the ignition switch, and select the appropriate oven temperature according to the characteristics of the paint powder and machine materials. The normal temperature is 200 degrees-220 degrees.
4. Start the conveyor belt and adjust the speed of the paint conveyor belt under the general frequency of 25-30Hz.
5. Check the color of the baking powder, the order meets the requirements, and the test sprays several times to meet the requirements.
6. According to the characteristics of the work, the spraying assembly line manufacturer chooses the appropriate hanging parts, hangs them firmly, and prevents them from falling into the oven.
7. Remove rust and residue on the surface of the workpiece. Severely rusted and greasy workpieces must be reworked.
8. Pack the PE bag before going offline and place it neatly.
9. Paint, paint shop director or group fruit should observe the paint every hour, check paint adhesion, and make records.

The above are the steps of how to operate the automatic spraying production line, I hope it can help everyone.


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