How to improve the spraying efficiency of electrostatic spraying?


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We all know that the paint transfer efficiency of electrostatic spraying can be as high as 50%-70%. However, in addition to paint, what other factors affect the efficiency of electrostatic spraying? How can we improve the efficiency of electrostatic spraying?
1. The main influencing factors of electrostatic spraying efficiency
(1). The distance between the spin cup (or spray gun) and the target (namely the object to be coated) is usually 250~300mm is the best.
(2). The conductivity of the paint material. The paint resistance is usually not lower than 1MQ, which can produce a good electrostatic effect. The electrostatic effect of highly conductive coatings is poor, and electrostatic spraying is not recommended.
(3). Working voltage. Generally, the higher the voltage, the higher the theoretical transmission efficiency during paint spraying. In actual spraying, the efficiency of electrostatic spraying is also affected by other factors.
2. Measures to improve the efficiency of electrostatic spraying
(1). The distance between the spray gun and the grounded workpiece; the spray gun should be 10-12 inches (25-750px) away from the target;
(2). Material conductivity: high conductivity (low resistivity) material;
(3). The shape of the spray target: corners or closed areas can cause the Faraday cage effect;
electrostatic spraying equipment
3. Matters needing attention before spraying
(1). Regular inspection and maintenance of spraying equipment is indispensable. Before work, check that there are no defects in all parts of the equipment. Fill the places where lubricating oil is needed. For those outdated equipment, eliminate them in time. There will be no various failures, and the paint utilization rate is higher, which can improve the overall work efficiency.
(2). Before using the spraying equipment, it is necessary to test the machine first to ensure that all parts can operate normally before starting to work. The chains, pulleys, shafts, belts and other moving parts of the equipment should be equipped with protective covers and protective plates.
(3). A well-equipped powder recovery system can reduce the pollution of the workshop caused by the rebounding powder on the one hand, and on the other hand, it may reduce the waste of powder. From a long-term perspective, adding a powder recovery system is more beneficial than concealed. For the original recycling system with poor performance, long-term use can no longer play the role of the recycling system, and it is best to replace it. If the company's production scale expands and new stations are added to increase the spraying production capacity, the recycling system should also keep up.
(4). The use of curing oven, curing oven is also an important part of electrostatic spraying equipment, other places are efficient, and curing can not keep up, will also affect the electrostatic efficiency. For the backward heating system or defective automatic control ability, the heating method consumes large energy, low utilization rate, high cost, inappropriate size of the original curing furnace, and inability to adapt to changing workpieces. The curing equipment should be improved. Improve production efficiency.


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