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Chuangzhi coating non-stick paint cookware spraying production line Aishida project engineering case


Chuangzhi Coating

Founded in 1978, ASD is a national high-tech enterprise. Its main business includes two areas: kitchen appliances and smart manufacturing. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010 and currently has three production bases in Wenling, Hubei and Jiaxing. ASD acquired Zhejiang Qianjiang Robot Co., Ltd. in 2016 and established research institutes in Harbin and Taizhou, Zhejiang. It has a complete grasp of core technologies such as industrial robot controllers, servo drives, system software, reducers, and body design. In order to further open up the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, Shanghai ASD Robotics Co., Ltd. was established in Qingpu, Shanghai in 2017, committed to becoming the industry's first-class smart factory overall solution provider, and successfully implemented ASD's smart factory with an investment of 1.1 billion. Shanghai Aishida Robotics has successively participated in or held shares in Shanghai Sanyou, Ningbo Jiangchen Intelligent, Shanghai Songsheng Robot, Laubo Logistics, Shanghai Soluxin Automation, CSF, Eos Intelligent and other robot integrated application and intelligent manufacturing companies. In 2018, the Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute was established in Shanghai, dedicated to the research and development of machine vision, MES, and industrial cloud platforms. In 2019, ASD invested in the construction of a smart manufacturing industry platform in Shanghai—Smart Valley, and established six centers for smart manufacturing R&D, demonstration experience, innovation incubation, talent training, industrial Internet cloud services, and smart manufacturing financial services. So far, ASD's smart manufacturing ecological chain is in full swing. Gradually formed.

Design features of cookware spraying line:

1. The spray room adopts scroll cleaning method, which reduces the amount of paint mist in the spray room exhaust gas by 30% and reduces the load of air duct cleaning and exhaust gas treatment.

2. Tracking spraying reaction speed is fast, fixed-point spraying reduces paint consumption and saves paint by more than 5%

3. Energy-saving heating system of screen printing drying furnace: using waste heat of high-temperature furnace exhaust gas, passing through the heat chamber exchanger of the drying furnace, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

4. The segmented design of the high temperature furnace of the coating line, the furnace zone and the cooling zone, prevent the heat in the furnace from being lost through the conveyor belt. 5. The process of inner paint line and outer paint line can be changed quickly, saving process time

6. The dust-proof tunnel is made of 50 mm rock wool gusset

7. The main accessories adopt domestic and international well-known brands, such as the main fan for Shanghai GM, and the main electronic control accessories for Siemens, etc.

cookware spraying line

Pre-treatment process of spraying advantages:

1. Sand blasting adopts robot transfer and conveying method

2. There is a spray treatment before the second washing, and the spray treatment flow is small. The overflow water from the washing and the dripping water from the pre-treatment mesh belt and the workpiece are mainly used to shower the workpiece with the drug to reduce the drug from being carried by the workpiece. In the next hot water washing, the second two washings can thoroughly clean the workpiece, and the water from the latter washing overflows into the front washing, and the first washing overflows to the spray treatment tank to minimize the drainage.

3. The drying furnace and the pre-treatment are designed in two separate stages to prevent moisture from the mesh chain from entering the drying furnace and increase energy consumption. 4. Reasonable drip area, use the product to have enough drip time to avoid the product itself with water into the next process, so as to reduce the pollution caused by the accumulation of water droplets and the waste of water sources and medicaments.

5. The design of the water pump: leak-proof water pump, there is no water flowing to the ground due to the damage of the sealing ring.

6. Convenient access door, easy to replace nozzle, easy to check and clean.

7. With automatic air knife blowing water device, in order to blow off the water droplets on the top of the workpiece.


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