Gather strength and move forward together | Guangdong Chuangzhi 2021 year-end summary and 2022 work plan meeting ended successfully


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In order to summarize the work achievements and experience in 2021, and plan the work goals and tasks for the second half of the year, from January 15th to January 16th, Guangdong Chuangzhi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Attractivechina") held the 2021 year-end summary and 2022 Work plan meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Li Jianqing of the Secretariat, and a total of 21 people attended the meeting, Chairman Yan Changzhi, General Manager Xu Shijian and management personnel.Chuangzhi coating production line manufacturers

At the meeting, nineteen departments including the Finance Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department, and Secretariat made a summary of the department's work results in 2021, and reported on the work plan and deployment in 2022. Each department was fully prepared and gave speeches in an orderly manner, sorted out in detail the work completed and in progress by the department in 2021, and put forward the omissions and deficiencies found in the work. The company leaders listened to the various departments. After the report, he summarized the current development status of the company's business operations and team building, combined with the urgent problems to be solved by various departments, discussed effective and feasible improvement plans with the participants, and proposed the company's development goals and strategic guidelines for 2022.Attractivechina 2021 year-end summary

In 2021, under the leadership of Chairman Yan Changzhi, General Manager Xu Shijian and their leadership team, the company as a whole has developed by leaps and bounds compared to previous years. First, by strengthening enterprise management and operation coordination, the company's sales performance has been steadily improved. The second is that the project-based work plan has been fully implemented. By promoting the project to show the results, it can effectively promote the development of the department's work, and then promote the development of the enterprise. Third, the company fully implements the policy requirements of the "Guangdong Province Digital Economy Promotion Regulations", takes the realization of the digital transformation of enterprises as the development direction of the enterprise, actively carries out digital transformation, continues to vigorously build digital factories, continuously promotes industrial digitalization, and maintains good technology and quality. to enhance the strength and competitiveness in the industry. Fourth, the company further introduced the standard definitions of the technical department, the commissioning department, the production department and the QC, and improved the enterprise system. At the same time, the company took the initiative to improve employee benefits and actively carry out employee activities, which drove the enthusiasm and efficiency of all employees, and created a positive and energetic corporate culture and atmosphere.Guangdong Chuangzhi year-end summary

In response to the work problems reported by various departments in 2021 and the work plan for 2022, General Manager Xu Shijian proposed that all departments should pay attention to details in project operation, consciously improve their own business capabilities, and strengthen supervision and inspections in project management. good grades, and continue to produce good grades. He also emphasized that in 2022, project production should continue to be the focus of work, the project should be the center, and the team should be the main body.

The development of the company depends on the strength of everyone present. To achieve the sustainable development of the company, everyone needs to have the same goal, clear determination, unity and cooperation, and gather strength to move in the same direction.Group photo of Attractivechina University

In 2022, strengthening the transformation of enterprises in the field of digital economy is still a major project, and it is urgent to promote digital construction and promote the development of digital economy. At the same time, enterprises should strengthen their own sense of social responsibility and strive to contribute to the comprehensive construction of a strong digital economy in Guangdong Province.

New honors for 2021 include:

1. Passed the national high-tech enterprise review and accreditation;

2. Recognized by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology as "Guangdong Province Automatic Painting Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center";

3. 41 patent applications for R&D technology were accepted, and 20 new national patents were granted; among them, 4 new invention patents and 16 new utility model patents were added;

4. It has been rated as "Guangdong Province Abiding by Contracts and Valuing Credit Enterprises" for four consecutive years;

5. Obtained the qualification of professional skill level appraisal for electricians, mechanical installers and drafters approved by Zhaoqing Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security;

6. Won the "Excellent Organization Award" and the individual "Industrial Robot Application Technology Third Prize" in the Vocational Skills Competition of Non-public Enterprise Employees of the High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions;

7. Won the title of "Zhaoqing Top 100 Innovations" for three consecutive years;

8. The review passed the "Quality Management System" and "Environmental Management System", "Intellectual Property Standard Implementation" and "Science and Technology-based Small and Medium Enterprises".


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