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What aspects should be paid attention to in the maintenance of spraying equipment


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1. The air supply and exhaust pipelines of the coating should be checked every day for tightness, and there should be no water or air leakage.
2. The filter cotton on the top of the chamber needs to be checked regularly, and the dust should be removed or replaced in time. Clean it every 3 months and replace it once a year.

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3. Regularly add paint mist coagulant to the circulating pool, and the filter, sink, and grille should be cleaned frequently (every week). The paint mist coagulant is delivered once every two months.
4. The fan belt is replaced every six months (depending on the production situation).
5. Grinding and cleaning the indoor filter bag needs to be cleaned every two weeks (depending on the production situation).
6. In the lubrication method of the painting fan motor, the (butter) oil cup is used to turn once a month (the oil cup should be refueled in time), the oil is added to lubricate once every three months, and the butter is lubricated to be refueled every two months. 

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