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What are the technological processes of automatic coating production line


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Automatic coating production line is also called spraying production line. Spraying refers to the protective layer or decorative layer on the surface of metal and non-metal, which is widely used in the surface treatment process of various industries. The coating production lines currently on the market can be divided into three types according to the degree of automation: manual coating equipment, semi-automatic coating equipment and fully automatic coating equipment. There are four types of spraying materials: cooking utensils spraying production line, auto parts production line, wood production line (furniture, musical instrument), hardware production line.

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Whether it is manual dusting or automatic dusting, it is very important to control the quality. It is necessary to ensure that the workpiece to be sprayed has uniform powder coating and consistent thickness, and prevents defects such as thin spray, missing spray, and rubbing. In the process of the coating production line, attention should also be paid to the hook part of the workpiece. Before entering the curing, the powder attached to it should be blown off as much as possible to prevent the excess powder on the hook from curing. When there is any difficulty, the solidified powder film on the hook should be peeled off in time to ensure good electrical conductivity of the hook so that the next batch of workpieces is easy to powder.

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