The role of auto parts coating line


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1. Protective effect

The main material of the car is steel, which is easy to oxidize and rust. Due to the complex use and operating environment of the car, it is often eroded by moisture, microorganisms, ultraviolet rays, other acid-base gases, liquids, etc., and sometimes damaged by abrasion and scratches. The coating on the surface of the car body isolates the part material from the atmospheric environment, plays an insulating role and prevents corrosion. In addition, some coatings can also act as corrosion inhibitors for metals. For example, the surface phosphating treatment before painting can use the chemical components inside the coating to react with the metal to passivate the metal surface. Therefore, painting it can protect the car from damage and prolong its life. The service life of the car is greatly reduced, so the necessity of car painting.

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2. Aesthetic effect

A modern car is not only a practical means of transportation, but also a work of art. The color of the car body matches the color of the car interior, coordinates with the color of the environment, and adapts to people's hobbies and sense of the times.

3. Value role

With the birth of automobiles, human beings continue to require the color of automobiles to generate value, including different paint varieties, and painting technology has also made great progress. For example, if you go to a 4S shop to buy a car, the price of the same model will vary depending on the type of paint. Generally, metallic paint and pearlescent paint are 1000-3000 yuan more expensive than plain paint.

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