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Routine maintenance of spray painting production line


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The daily maintenance of the painting and coating production line will greatly affect its life cycle. The equipment is maintained by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and other general methods to maintain and protect the performance and technical conditions of the equipment. Maintenance generally includes daily maintenance. , Regular maintenance, regular inspection and accurate inspection, equipment lubrication and antifreeze, anti-condensation system maintenance is an important part of equipment maintenance; equipment maintenance is the basic work of equipment maintenance. The regular maintenance of equipment is a planned preventive inspection. In addition to human senses, the inspection method also has certain inspection tools and instruments. According to the regular inspection plan, regular inspection is also called regular on-site inspection; equipment should also be carried out Precision checks to determine the actual accuracy of the device.

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The maintenance of the instrument needs to protect the instrument and reduce the failure rate of the instrument; in the process of using the instrument, with the change of the external environment, the aging of the equipment or the overloading of personnel, it is easy to produce impurities, dust, moisture, air leakage, internal The reduction or deterioration of the medium, etc., leads to the installation of instruments and meters. Abnormal operation, inaccurate display, frequent failures. Regular maintenance of equipment can protect the equipment, make the parameters of the equipment normal, and reduce the failure rate of equipment.
The chain that drives the entire painting line is also a core component. The chain must be refueled regularly. Now there are generally automatic refueling machines, but it still needs to be manually inspected regularly, especially the curved rails. If there is slight wear and tear, it must be refueled in time. Otherwise, due to slight wear, the chain travel track cannot be centered, and the wear will increase day by day.

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