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Precautions for using Sandblasting painting line


Sandblasting painting line manufacturers tell you that sand blasting and shot blasting are often encountered in the pre-treatment part of the construction of the coating line. These two processes are mainly suitable for the surface treatment of iron products such as hardware. The following will take you through the precautions for using the Sandblasting painting line.

Sandblasting painting line
1. Before working, you must wear protective equipment, and you are not allowed to work with bare arms. There should be no less than two people at work.
2. Gas storage tanks, pressure gauges and safety valves should be checked regularly. Air tanks are vented fortnightly, and filters in sand tanks are checked monthly.
3. Check whether the ventilation pipe and the door of the sandblasting machine are sealed. The sandblasting painting line manufacturer tells you that you must start the ventilation and dust removal equipment five minutes before work. When the ventilation and dust removal equipment fails, the sandblasting machine is prohibited from working.
4. The compressed air valve should be opened slowly, and the air pressure should not exceed 0.8MPa.
5. The sandblasting particle size should be compatible with the work requirements, and the sand should be kept dry.
6. When the sandblasting machine is working, it is forbidden for irrelevant personnel to approach. When cleaning and adjusting the running parts, the machine should be stopped.
7. The manufacturer of the Sandblasting painting line tells you that you are not allowed to use compressed air to blow dust on your body or make jokes.
8. After the work is finished, the ventilation and dust removal equipment should continue to run for five minutes before closing to discharge indoor dust and keep the site clean.
9. The manufacturer of the Sandblasting painting line tells you that in the event of personal or equipment accidents, you should stay on site and report to the relevant departments.

Sandblasting painting line

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