Wood paint spraying line manufacturers take you to understand the wood spraying construction process


The wood paint spraying line is suitable for painting all kinds of wooden furniture and office and entertainment products. The hanging line DISK or reciprocating machine spraying method is mostly used, and the whole line of automatic painting and manual polishing line is integrated, which is especially suitable for mass production.

wood paint spraying line
The manufacturer of wood paint spraying line tells you that the environmental protection paint of wood paint is not yellowing, has excellent water resistance, and does not burn; it is anti-rust and high temperature resistant. The hardness of some water-based paints is not high; the construction environment requirements are relatively high.
The construction process of wood spraying is as follows: clean the surface of the wood → polish with sandpaper → apply moistening powder → polish sandpaper → scrape the putty for the first time, sandpaper polish → scrape the putty for the second time, polish with fine sandpaper → spray paint → touch up Putty, fine sandpaper polishing → spray varnish, fine sandpaper polishing → spray varnish, polishing → water sandpaper polishing, waxing, polishing.
Wood paint spraying line manufacturers tell you that wood putty can fill and fill joints, scars, nail holes and other defects on the wood surface, saving materials and labor when painting wood paint, and at the same time can improve the smoothness of the paint surface and increase the quality of wood. Beautiful surface.

wood paint spraying line

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