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The development trend of spraying robot


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Spraying robot is the main coating equipment in automatic spraying system in recent years, but how the spraying robot development trend and direction, can explain it in 3 aspects:
1.In the future, the spraying robot of digitization, automation, intelligence, standardization and other technologies will be more advanced. Future digital intelligent factory is the main applied field of spraying robot, the core is digitization; automatic production is the requirement of industry 4.0, so automatic spraying is the main development trend of coating industrial in the future;intelligence is an important condition to comply with the trend of man-machine integration and man-machine substitution; and the standardization is the necessary way for enterprise to promote scale development.
2.For enterprise purposes, they must increase the trend of integration to strength themselves. At present, the competition of low-end applications in International market is the most intense, and vicious competition is becoming increasingly serious, the reason is there are many enterprises but no high qualities. The main solve method is according to the enterprise integration development, make the quantity advantages change to quality advantages, accelerate the leading enterprises formation to leading the development of the industry towards normalized.
3.At present stage, Auto Parts Industry is the main market of spraying robot appliance, but the scale tends to saturate, in this condition we should pay more attention to expansion the new field, to thought about the width and the depth of the spraying robot appliance, extending to the general industry and increasing the application of subdivided fields are two important trends.
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