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The difference between spray painting and powder spraying



Today, Attractivechina would like to share with you a knowledge point in the painting industry. When communicating with clients about projects, I am often asked about the difference between spray painting and powder spraying in the painting production line. It is estimated that many people do not have a clear concept yet. Here, I will talk about this topic with you.

metal powder spraying

Actually, spray painting and powder spraying are two completely different painting processes, and the most intuitive difference between spray painting and powder spraying is that one is liquid and the other is solid. Besides, what are the differences between the two? Next, let me carefully introduce it to you!

auto parts spray painting

1. Spray painting is the process of spraying liquid paint onto the surface of a workpiece using a spray gun and air pressure, and then forming a sturdy coating film through the process of gasification and solidification. The correct name for powder spraying is electrostatic powder spraying, which cannot be achieved simply by using a spray gun. Powder spraying is the process of using electrostatic technology to adsorb powder onto the surface of a workpiece, and then placing the workpiece in a high-temperature furnace for baking, causing the powder to melt and solidify, and combine with the surface to form a hard coating.


2. There are also significant differences in the painting process between spray painting and powder spraying. Spray painting requires multiple coats, and each coat requires waiting for the paint film to dry before proceeding to the next coat, which may take a relatively long time. And powder spraying can be completed in the same painting process. During the coating process, the thickness and uniformity of the coating should be taken into account when spraying, while the charging amount of the powder and the uniformity of the powder spraying need to be considered when spraying.


3. The application fields of powder spraying and spray painting also differ. Powder spraying is widely used in the coating of wood and metal, such as musical instrument products, wooden furniture, and hardware. The coating film of powder spraying is thicker than that of spray painting, which can provide better wear resistance. Spray painting is suitable for products with high appearance requirements such as cookware and automotive parts.


4. The advantage of spray painting is that it can obtain a richer range of colors, but the disadvantage is that the coating process is time-consuming, costly, and environmental issues need to be addressed. The advantages of powder spraying are low cost, fast coating speed, and good environmental friendliness, but the disadvantage is limited color selection.


In summary, both spray painting and powder spraying processes have their own advantages, disadvantages, and application fields, and it is necessary to choose a suitable coating process based on specific process requirements. If you want to learn more about the coating production line industry in advance, please follow the news of Guangdong Chuangzhi. I will continue to update you, and those who are interested can also leave me a message online!

The difference between spray painting and powder spraying