What is the difference between sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine? How to choose?



Today, let me share with you the knowledge of the painting machinery industry! Many customers are unsure whether to choose a sandblasting machine or a shot blasting machine when purchasing surface treatment equipment. In response to this question, I will provide an answer based on the differences between the two in terms of working principle, processing effect, and application scope. I hope that after reading this, you will know how to choose a device.

Fixture free sandblasting machine

Sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine are two different surface treatment equipment. Let me start by introducing the working principles of the two. The working principle of sandblasting machine is to generate negative pressure by spraying compressed air with a spray gun, which sucks the abrasive from the hopper and sprays it onto the surface of the workpiece to be treated, in order to remove dirt and increase surface roughness. The shot blasting machine uses a high-speed rotating shot blasting wheel to project a series of shot blasting particles such as cast iron sand and steel sand onto the surface of the workpiece, removing surface dirt, oxide layer, and rust.


Secondly, the treatment effects of sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine are different. The sandblasting machine is more commonly used for surface treatment. Although it can remove dirt and oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the processed workpiece is not flat enough. The shot blasting machine can remove surface dirt that is difficult to remove, improve surface smoothness and cleanliness, and is suitable for surface treatment of larger and heavier workpieces such as steel and aluminum alloys. It is currently one of the main equipment in industries such as automotive parts, household appliances and cookware, rail transit equipment, hardware accessories, industrial equipment, aerospace, and other industries.


Once again, the material adaptability of sandblasting machine is relatively wide, suitable for surface treatment of various metal and non-metallic materials. The shot blasting machine has higher requirements for the material of the processed workpiece and is mainly suitable for surface treatment of metal workpieces, such as steel, forgings, castings, etc.

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Finally, both sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I believe you have a clear answer to which equipment to choose for surface treatment of the workpiece. Regardless, choosing equipment that is suitable for your own process requirements is the best choice. The correct selection and use of equipment will effectively improve the surface treatment effect of the object. If you still have any questions, you can contact us!


What is the difference between sandblasting machine and shot blasting machine? How to choose?

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