Common spraying equipment in painting production line



Spraying equipment is an essential part of the coating production line, mainly used to evenly spray powder coatings, paints, clearcoats, etc. in a mist form on the surface of objects. Generally, different spraying equipment will be selected based on different spraying workpieces, workpiece materials, and coating types.


It is very important to choose suitable spraying equipment in order to improve production quality and efficiency. In order to help everyone understand the types and application scope of spraying equipment, I will introduce some common spraying equipment in painting production line as follows:

Handheld spraying equipment

Electrostatic spraying equipment

Automatic spraying equipment

Robot spraying equipment


1. Handheld spraying equipment

Handheld spraying equipment is one of the most common spraying equipment, which works by producing high-speed spraying when the paint flows through the spray gun, evenly spraying the paint on the surface of the workpiece. This equipment is easy to operate and not limited by the site. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for spraying workpieces of various models and sizes. Small painting projects can also consider using this handheld spraying equipment. However, this equipment has an obvious disadvantage that it is prone to uneven coating thickness and spraying effect, which affects the aesthetic and smoothness of the coating. Moreover, the adhesion and glossiness of the coating are about 70% of those of other spraying equipment, so it is not suitable for use in factories with high production capacity and high production efficiency requirements.


2. Electrostatic spraying equipment

Electrostatic spraying equipment is also a commonly used spraying equipment. Its working principle is to cover the surface of the workpiece with powder coating through electrostatic action, which has the advantages of high spraying efficiency, low spraying loss, and consistent coating color, and can achieve good coating effect. Due to its ability to effectively reduce paint waste, electrostatic spraying equipment is increasingly valued in production. Therefore, this equipment is suitable for workpieces with high production efficiency requirements, in other words, workpieces produced in large quantities. It is widely used in industries such as automobiles, furniture, and hardware products, and correspondingly, its price will also be higher.


3. Air spraying equipment

Air spraying equipment may not be as commonly used, and its working principle is to spray paint through air, causing the paint to adhere to the surface of the workpiece. Its operation is simple, energy consumption is low, production cost is low, and it is suitable for production environments with strong foundation and relatively low process requirements in painting production lines. However, its spraying efficiency, coating adhesion, coating glossiness, and thickness are all difficult to achieve good results, so its application range is relatively limited. You can choose according to specific production needs.


4. High pressure spraying equipment

Another type is high-pressure spraying equipment, which works by spraying paint onto the surface of an object through a high-pressure pump. Compared to traditional spraying equipment, it has the advantage of providing higher spraying pressure and a more uniform and delicate spraying effect. Usually used to handle large-area workpieces, such as building walls, bridges, etc., it can also be sprayed with high viscosity coatings and special coatings, with a wider range of applications. Therefore, it is usually also suitable for coating products of industrial equipment, aerospace, ships, and large structural components.

Above, I have introduced four common spraying equipment to everyone. These equipment have different working principles and application ranges in the painting production line, as well as their respective advantages and disadvantages. The specific selection can be based on the actual production needs to choose suitable spraying equipment, so as to improve the spraying quality and production efficiency. For more inquiries, please follow Guangdong Chuangzhi. Those with such needs can also contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of painting production line equipment. Welcome to inquire and visit the factory. See you next time!

Common spraying equipment in painting production line

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