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What principles should be followed to establish a new coating line?


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When you decide to build a new coating line, you must be full of expectations and questions about the new production line. Faced with a variety of custom coating equipment solutions on the market, you may be wondering or even anxious, and you are not sure which design is best for your company.
In the face of a variety of choices, what kind of coating line design is good and suitable for you? When we have a plan to set up a painting workshop, what principles should we follow to design?
When designing a coating line, the factors considered should be interrelated and mutually constrained. The correct choice should be based on the specific circumstances. Let's talk about several principles of design and selection of coating equipment.
Practical principle
The layout of the entire coating line should be customized according to the customer's site, effectively use the space, and make a reasonable layout for subsequent operations and maintenance. The structure and design parameters of the coating equipment should have clear and reasonable functions to meet the coating production process requirements and product quality requirements, and maximize the coating utilization rate and the productivity of the coating operation.
Safety principle
Carrying out the safety design principle, the painting equipment should be constructed with high-quality materials, comply with fire safety regulations, and be equipped with relevant measures for fire and explosion protection.
Economy principle
From the perspective of economic efficiency, coating equipment with high coating efficiency, high coating utilization rate and high coating yield should be selected. The equipment selected should be compatible with the output and shape of the product, so as to ensure the completion of production tasks, ensure product quality and improve economic efficiency.
Energy conservation and environmental protection principle
Saving energy is one of the key points in the design of the coating production line. Reducing energy consumption can greatly reduce the operating cost of the production line and improve efficiency. Environmental protection is the theme that has been emphasized so far, and the requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more strict. When enterprises need to meet environmental protection requirements, they must start from the source of the process, that is, start with the paint. Not only should we choose environmentally friendly coatings, but we should also choose equipment that can handle the exhaust gas and strive to achieve clean production.
In addition to the above points, there are still many factors to consider. If you have finished reading this article and you still have questions about how to set up a suitable coating production line. Please feel free to contact us for more consultation.
As a leading manufacturer of coating lines with more than 20 years of experience, Chuangzhi's services include design, production, on-site installation, commissioning, training, spare parts and maintenance. If you need to solve any problems about design or build a coating plant, please contact us today!

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