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Attractivechina Coating Line Manufacturer——Cookware Coating Production Line



Guangdong Chuangzhi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the overall planning of painting production lines. With 30 years of experience in three-dimensional digital overall solutions for painting production lines, we provide customers with non-standard customized painting production line solutions. The intelligent coating production lines of Attractivechina are divided into five categories, namely cookware coating production lines, automotive parts coating production lines, metal coating production lines, wood coating production lines, and industrial equipment coating production lines, which have been widely recognized in industries such as automobiles and cookware.


I will focus on the five major categories of painting production lines in Creative Painting, with each painting line writing a separate article introducing their process flow, equipment system, scope of application, and their respective advantages and characteristics. Today, we will introduce one of our best-selling cookware coating production line, which is also one of the coating line that we have consulted extensively both domestically and internationally.


With the continuous growth of demand in the cookware market, the cookware coating production line has become an important production line. Below, I will elaborate in detail on the scope of application, equipment system, process flow, and advantages and characteristics of the cookware coating production line.

Cookware Coating Production Line
cookware coating production line

1. Scope of application
The cookware coating production line of Attractivechina is mainly suitable for non stick pans, kettles, rice cookie inner pots, home appliances, enamel pots, bakeware, cake pans, etc. Many cookware products are applicable, and when it comes to workpiece materials, most of them are aluminum pots and die-casting pots. It is necessary to establish a cookware coating production line in order to make the pot body more corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, with a glossy appearance and extended service life. If you want your cookware products to have uniqueness or many colors, it is recommended to use natural granite coating. This coating can make the product more beautiful and easier to win the favor of consumers, which is undoubtedly very beneficial for enterprises.


2. Equipment system
Each production line includes many different equipment systems with different functions. Generally speaking, common equipment for cookware coating production lines includes desktop pre-treatment equipment, automatic and efficient intelligent sandblasting equipment, moisture drying furnaces, conveying systems, immersion anodizing lines, automatic transfer printing equipment, robotic spray painting rooms, curing equipment, etc. The equipment for each cookware coating line will be configured according to specific process requirements and workpiece materials, So our coating line is not a standard product, it is a non-standard product. I won't go into detail about the functions of each device here. Interested parties can consult us.


3. Process flow
Generally speaking, there are four main process flows:

Pretreatment production line

Loading→Hot rinsing→Pre-degreasing→Degreasing→Rinsing→Direct spraying by pure water→Blow water→Drying→Cooling→Sand blasting→Rinsing desanding→Alkali corrosion→Rinsing→Neutralization→Rinsing→DI rinsing→Blow water→Drying→Cooling→Transfer


Ordinary anodizing technology

Loading→Pre-degreasing→Degreasing→Rinsing→Alkali corrosion→Rinsing→Neutralization→Rinsing→Direct spraying by pure water→Oxidation→Rinsing→Sealing→DI rinsing→Drying→Cooling→Unloading


Inner pot coating line process

Loading→Automatic dedusting→Pre-heating→Primer spraying→Primer drying→Cooling→Inner pot→Water level markpad printing→Pre-heating→Powder spraying→High temperature curing→Cooling→Unloading


Outer pot coating line process

Loading→Automatic dedusting→Pre-heating→Primer spraying→Primer drying→Cooling→Outer pot→Top-coat spraying→Top-coat drying→Cooling→High temperature curing→Cooling→Unloading


4. Advantages and characteristics
Our cookware coating production line has achieved intelligent digital control technology, and the entire line adopts a fully automated production method. Compared with traditional manual coating methods, it greatly improves production efficiency. The standard production capacity can reach 800 pieces per hour, and the maximum production capacity can reach 1300 pieces per hour. Among them, aluminum products are one of the main application areas of cookware coating production lines, mainly because aluminum products themselves are relatively light and easy to transport and operate. With the continuous optimization and upgrading of cookware materials, the cookware coating production line will adapt to the processing technology of more new materials and gradually achieve high efficiency, high quality, high intelligence, and low energy consumption.


In short, the cookware coating production line is receiving increasing attention from various industries. The above is all the content that I will introduce to you about the Chuangzhi coating cookware coating production line. The next article will continue to update for you. Customers who are interested in purchasing cookware coating production lines are welcome to consult us!


Attractivechina Cookware Coating Production Line

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