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What are the equipment for the painting line?


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  Everyone knows that the painting production line is a complicated system engineering, including thousands of equipment and accessories. I believe that many company procurement personnel or project leaders must have a deep understanding and want to find all the equipment of the coating production line. It takes a lot of effort and it takes a long time. If the project is catching up, it is really anxious. Here, I have collected equipment about the coating line, hoping to help you successfully purchase the coating line equipment.

1. What are the equipment for the coating production line?

  Generally speaking, the equipment of the coating production line mainly has seven major components, including: pre-treatment equipment, spraying system, drying and curing equipment, air supply system, electronic control system, suspension conveying system, and supporting environmental waste gas treatment equipment.

(1) Pre-processing equipment

    The spray type multi-station pre-treatment unit is a commonly used equipment for surface treatment. The principle is to use mechanical scouring to accelerate the chemical reaction to complete the processes of degreasing, phosphating, washing and the like. Typical processes for steel spray pretreatment are: pre-degreasing, degreasing, water washing, water washing, surface conditioning, phosphating, water washing, water washing, and pure water washing. Pre-treatment can also use shot blasting machine, suitable for steel parts with simple structure, serious corrosion, no oil or less oil. And no water pollution. Usually pre-treatment equipment includes water washing equipment, sanding machine, sand blasting machine, dust removal equipment, preheating furnace, upper and lower parts, etc

(2) Suspended conveyor system

    The suspension machine is the conveying system of the industrial assembly line and the coating line. The accumulation type suspension machine is applied to the storage shelf of L=10-14M and the coating line of the special-shaped street lamp alloy steel pipe. The workpiece is hoisted on a special rack (loading capacity of 500-600KG), the entrance and exit are smooth, and the switch is opened and closed by electrical control according to the work instruction to meet the automatic conveying of the workpiece at each processing station, in the strong cold room and the lower part area. Parallel accumulation of cooling, and set up the rack identification and traction alarm stop device in the strong cold area.

(3) Spraying equipment

    Spraying equipment includes dusting equipment and painting equipment, which are selected according to different industries and different processes.

    Powder spraying equipment

coating production line

    The small cyclone filter recovery device in powder coating is a more advanced powder replacement device with faster color change. The key parts of the dusting system are recommended to use imported products, and the parts such as the powder spraying room and the electric mechanical lift are all localized.

    Painting equipment

painting production line

    Such as oil spray spray booth, water curtain spray booth, widely used in the surface coating of bicycles, automotive leaf springs, large loaders.

(4) Drying and curing equipment

    Oven is one of the important equipment in the coating production line, and its temperature uniformity is an important indicator to ensure the quality of the coating. The heating method of the oven includes: radiation, hot air circulation and radiant hot air circulation, etc. According to the production program, it can be divided into a single chamber and a pass type, and the device form has a straight-through type and a bridge type. The hot air circulation oven has good heat preservation, uniform temperature inside the furnace and less heat loss. After testing, the temperature difference in the furnace is less than ±3oC, which is the performance index of similar products in advanced countries.

(5) Air supply system

    Hot air circulation uses a more common heating method, which uses the principle of convection conduction to heat the oven to achieve drying and solidification of the workpiece. The heat source can be selected according to the user's specific conditions: electricity, steam, gas or fuel. The heat source box can be set according to the condition of the oven: placed on the top, bottom and side. If the circulating fan that produces the heat source is a special high-temperature resistant fan, it has the advantages of long life, low energy consumption, low noise and small volume.

(6) Electronic control system

    The coating and coating line electrical control has centralized and single row control. The centralized control can use the programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the host, and automatically control each process according to the programmed control program, data acquisition and monitoring alarm. Single-row control is the most commonly used control method in the coating production line. Each process is controlled by a single column. The electric control box (cabinet) is placed near the equipment, which is low in cost, intuitive in operation and convenient in maintenance.

(7) Environmental waste gas treatment equipment

waste gas treatment equipment

    During the spraying process, the exhaust gas generated by the spraying workshop plays a chronic toxic effect on human health. When the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere is low, under certain special conditions, a large amount of harmful gas leaks and efflux, resulting in a sudden change in external meteorological conditions. Wait, this will cause acute poisoning in the crowd. With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the central and local governments have introduced many laws and regulations, and the punishment is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, environmentally friendly waste gas treatment equipment is indispensable. Environmentally friendly waste gas treatment equipment includes catalytic combustion equipment, UV photolysis, activated carbon, nano-exhaust gas treatment equipment, RTO waste gas treatment equipment, spray towers, acid and alkali waste gas treatment equipment. Of course, these devices are not necessarily suitable for each enterprise, and should be selected according to the actual situation of their own enterprises.

2. Where can I buy all the equipment for these painting production lines?

    Due to the large number of equipment in the coating production line, it is recommended to directly select a whole line design of the coating production line at the time of purchase, because the overall design can greatly reduce the problem that the separately purchased equipment is not compatible well, and The whole line design is not only worry-free, but also more affordable. Most importantly, it also ensures that the designed spray line can achieve greater productivity and more worry-free after-sales service. Guangdong Chuangzhi is a company specializing in the whole line design of coating production lines. It has 25 years of experience in spraying production line equipment in the industry. All the above mentioned equipments can be provided. It used to be Well-known enterprises such as Midea, Supor, Pearl River Piano, Red Cotton Guitar, Yangtze River Furniture, Meishan Zhongche, BYD, etc. and we provide complete design and construction of the coating production line, which has been put into use and has won praises from customers. For more detailed cases, please feel free to contact us!