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This article will introduce our Guangdong Chuangzhi Coating Auto Parts Coating Line, which is one of the five major lines our company has developed. The previous article has already introduced the cookware coating production line. If you want to learn more about the specific content, you can click on the corresponding link to read. The auto parts coating line we are going to introduce today is also a product that our domestic and foreign customers often call to inquire about. The entire line design has a high degree of automation, which can effectively reduce production costs.


Car bumper spraying line


In recent years, with the rapid development of the modern automotive industry, automated coating production lines have been widely used in the automotive production field, and auto parts coating line have become an important part of the modern automotive manufacturing industry. Below, I will introduce the application scope, equipment system, process flow, advantages and characteristics of the automotive parts coating production line from four aspects.


1. Application scope

Generally speaking, different workpiece products will be adapted to different coating production line and equipment. For example, the auto parts coating production line of Chuangzhi Coating is mainly suitable for automotive plastic parts, automotive bumper, car fuel tank, car wheel hub, car wheel hub cover, automotive frame and other workpieces related to automotive parts. Among the numerous automotive components, we have done a lot of cases in the auto wheel hub coating line. The material is mainly aluminum products, and various colors can be sprayed according to the actual needs of customers to achieve a more beautiful effect. This type of workpiece usually requires high precision and efficiency, so in general, the automation level of automotive coating line will also be relatively high.


2. Equipment system

The auto parts coating production line usually includes multiple customized coating equipment, such as Floor Conveyor, Spray Type Pretreatment, Curing Over, Flaming Booth, Paint sludge treatment equipment, Robot spray Booth, Paint supply room, Circulating air supply system, etc. Each painting equipment has its own functional characteristics. For example, the spray type pretreatment equipment mainly performs multiple processes such as rust removal, degreasing, decontamination, acid washing, and phosphating on the product before spraying, which can make the surface of the workpiece smoother and cleaner, lay a foundation for the subsequent painting process, facilitate the better adhesion of the coating to the surface of the workpiece, prevent peeling, and rust, and play a good role in extending the service life. In addition, not every auto parts coating production line chooses spray pre-treatment equipment, mainly depending on the specific workpiece and material. In addition, our pretreatment equipment also includes anodizing lines, immersion pre-treatment, desktop pre-treatment, and gantry type pre-treatment. The specific working principles can be seen in previous articles.


Automotive wheel hub coating line


3. Process flow

The following is the basic process flow of the auto parts coating line, but it should be noted that not every coating line adopts this process flow. We will make modifications based on this to provide professional customized coating solutions for each customer.

Loading → Grading → Rinsing → Pure water washing → Water flooding → Moisture drying → Cooling → Flame treatment → Automatic electronic dust removal → Primer spraying → Surface drying → Mid paint spraying → Surface drying → Top coat spraying → Surface drying → Curving → Cooling → Unloading → Inspection and packaging


4. Advantages and characteristics

The entire line adopts MES system for visual production, with a 10000 level constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free coating workshop. The product surface has high cleanliness and strong adhesion, and the first pass rate can reach over 95%. In addition, the spraying robot adopts intelligent program control, which can accurately control the thickness and uniformity of spraying, resulting in good surface coating quality.


Finally, we welcome everyone to consult with Chuangzhi Coating about purchasing painting lines or send you relevant case videos. In the next issue, I will continue to introduce our Chuangzhi Coating product – Metal Coating Production Line. Follow us for the latest information!


Attractivechina Auto Parts Coating Line

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