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This article will share with you the most popular and talked about metal coating production line in the coating production line, which is also our best-selling product in Chuangzhi Coating. Every year, many customers purchase automatic powder coating line from us to establish their powder coating plant.


I don't know if you have noticed that metal coating line have become an indispensable part of modern industrial production, playing a very important role in improving product quality, extending service life, environmental protection, and meeting ever-changing market demands.


metal coating line


Below, I will introduce the application scope, equipment system, process flow, and advantages and characteristics of the metal coating production line from four aspects.


1. Applicable scope

The application range of metal coating line is very wide, widely used in the surface treatment and coating of various metal products, providing high-quality surface treatment and protection for these products. Usually including metal doors and windows, stair handrails, steel cabinets, building materials, cabinet components, sheet metal parts, etc. As metal products play an important role in the field of building materials, surface coating treatment through metal coating line is required to make the products have better anti-corrosion and rust prevention performance, better meet the needs of building appearance design, and improve their durability and stability.


2. Equipment system

The equipment system of the metal coating line is a key component in achieving surface treatment and coating of metal products. This system typically includes Gantry Type Pretreatment, Spray Type Pretreatment, Curing Over, Manual Spray Booth, Automatic Dust Removal Room, Moisture Drying Furnaces, Automatic Powder Spray Booth, Overload Conveyor Equipment, Cooling Device, Gas Catalyst Infrared Heating Furnaces, etc.


The configuration of any painting line equipment system will directly affect the efficiency and product quality of the entire production line. Therefore, when searching for painting line manufacturers, it is best to prepare relevant procurement information in advance, including product parameters and technical solutions. This will help our technical engineers to have a clearer understanding of your procurement and production requirements, so as to customize the most suitable solution and provide the most reasonable quotation for you.


powder coating line


3. Process flow

The process flow of metal coating production line usually includes a series of steps to ensure that the coating on the surface of metal components has good adhesion, uniformity, and durability. The following is a typical process flow for a metal coating production line:


Loading → Hot ring → Pre processing → Grading → Spraying race → Pottery → Spraying race → Manual water flooding/tripping → Moisture drying → Natural cooling → Inspection area → Transfer/offline polishing → Debugging → Primer powder spraying → Primer powder cutting → Cooling → Electrostatic dust removal → Top powder spraying → Top powder cutting → Natural cooling → Unloading


Different metal coating production line may adjust this basic process flow based on actual workpiece materials, coating types, production requirements, and other factors. For example, some process flows may also include sandblasting or shot blasting treatment.


4. Advantages and characteristics

The metal coating line forms a strong and durable protective layer by finely coating and treating the surface of the product, improving its corrosion and weather resistance. In the spraying and drying process, automated production methods not only reduce the unstable factors of human operation, but also improve the production capacity of the entire line on a large scale and with high efficiency. Through the application of automatic control systems, the metal coating line has achieved precise control over the entire coating process, ensuring product consistency and stability, which is of great significance for improving product quality and meeting customer needs.


If you currently have the need to purchase powder coating line or powder coating factories, please feel free to contact Chuangzhi Coating. We are a source manufacturer with 30 years of experience in coating production line and are committed to customizing the most suitable coating line for every customer. Whether you are building a new factory and need a metal coating line or want to renovate the existing line, you can contact us for technical support and assistance. Follow us for the next issue of information as soon as possible!

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