The importance of the layout of the painting equipment


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Painting is an important part of the surface treatment process, its main functions are rust prevention,corrosion prevention and appearance beautification etc. The appearance quality not only reflects the protection and decorative properties of the product, but also constitutes an important factor in the value of the product.
Painting equipment is a vital part of the entire painting process.The main equipments for painting are pretreatment equipment, painting equipment,paint drying/curing equipment,mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free & constact temperature and humidity air supply equipment,and other ancillary equipment. In order to ensure the optimum operation of the painting line, the design of the painting equipment layout is very important.
Typical error in the layout of the coating equipment
√ Capacity Does Not Meet The Requirements 
Some designs do not take into account the hanging method, hanging distance, horizontal turning distance, product rejection rate, painting equipment utilization rate, product peak production capacity, resulting in the production line capacity can not meet the requirements.
√ Painting Equipment Process Time Deviation
In order to reduce the cost, some designers will reduce the process time to achieve this goal, such as: 1. Reduce the transition time of each process section of the pretreatment equipment, which is easy to cause liquid mixing 2. Reduce the leveling time, resulting in leveling defects 3. Reduce the cooling time after curing, resulting in the workpiece temperature during the unloading process is still high, affecting the work of the operator.
√ Improper Design of Conveying System
From the design point of view, there are many ways to transport the workpiece. If the design is not proper, it will easily have adverse consequences for loading & unloading process,production capacity and process operation.
√ Improper Selection of Process Parameters for Painting Equipment
Common Causes: 1.The design parameters of a single painting equipment are not properly selected. 2.The compatibility of the equipment system is insufficient. 3.There is no design at all.
√ Insufficient Matching Equipment
There are many related equipments for painting lines. Some suppliers will delete some matching equipment in order to reduce the quotation, but they have not explained to the buyer, and it is easy to cause misunderstandings.

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