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The wood coating line is a very important part of the woodworking industry, which can provide beautiful and durable surface coating for wooden products, protect wood from external environmental erosion, and extend the service life of wooden products.


This article is one of the five major painting production lines of Chuangzhi Coating. Today, we will introduce the wood coating line, mainly describing in detail the scope of application, equipment system, process flow, and advantages and characteristics of the wood coating production line.


paino coating line


1. Applicable scope

Chuangzhi Coating Company has many wood coating line cases. The sprayed wood products mainly include guitar, piano and other musical instruments, as well as wood boards, wood beds, wood chairs, and other products. We can even achieve the spraying of irregular tabletops, providing a beautiful, durable, and anti peeling surface coating effect for many wooden products. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for home decoration are also increasing, so the development of wood painting lines is becoming increasingly important.


2. Equipment system

The wood painting line usually consists of painting equipment, drying equipment, conveying equipment, and control systems. The painting equipment includes a primer spraying machine, a topcoat spraying machine, and an Omega spraying room (this is a special spraying process used for wooden products, and I will write a special article to introduce this process later). They can spray primer and topcoat on wooden products, ensuring a uniform and beautiful coating effect. Drying equipment can dry the painted wooden products to quickly dry the surface coating. In actual production, we will choose appropriate drying equipment based on the products and process requirements that customers need to spray. For example, some products require UV paint spraying, which requires the use of UV curing equipment; Some are water-based paints, which require drying and curing. Compared to the two, UV curing can accelerate the drying speed of surface coatings on wooden products and improve production capacity. The conveying equipment can automate the entire process of wooden products from coating, drying, to packaging, reducing manual intervention, improving production efficiency and coating quality. The control system can intelligently manage the entire painting line, ensuring the stability and safety of the painting process.


3. Process flow

I am here to present a basic wood painting line process flow for your reference only. As each product has different dimensions and process parameters, it is necessary to seek professional coating line manufacturers to design a customized painting line plan.

Loading → Primer spraying 1 → Primer spraying 2 → Glue spraying → Wiping → Primer → Dry brush → Two coats of primer → Tint → Top coat → Inspection area → Finished product drying → Unloading


4. Advantages and characteristics

The development of wood coating lines benefits from technological progress and continuous innovation in processes. With the continuous maturity of UV curing technology, the painting speed and efficiency of wood painting lines have been greatly improved, while also reducing environmental pollution. Efficient automated painting equipment and intelligent control systems have also significantly improved the production efficiency and product quality of wood coating lines. In addition, the continuous innovation and improvement of coating materials have provided strong support for the development of wood coating lines, such as the application of environmentally friendly coatings such as water-based coatings and UV coatings, making the coating process of wood products more environmentally friendly and healthy.


wood coating line


I hope that after reading this article, you can answer your doubts. If you have any further questions, please leave us a message at the bottom or consult us directly. The product philosophy of Chuangzhi Coating is craftsmanship, energy conservation and environmental protection, committed to providing customers with professional customized coating line solutions. The next issue of information will be more exciting, welcome to follow!Watch more videos

Attractivechina Wood Coating Line

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