The Guangdong Chuangzhi 2023 Work Summary and 2024 Work Plan Conference has come to a perfect conclusion!


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At this moment of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, with a promising future, Guangdong Chuangzhi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Chuangzhi") held the "2023 Work Summary and 2024 Key Work Plan Meeting" from January 13 to 14, 2024, in order to comprehensively summarize the work achievements of 2023 and plan the grand blueprint for 2024. The meeting focused on "reducing costs and increasing efficiency, promoting project operation".

2023 year-end summary meeting

This meeting was chaired by Xie Youming, Manager of the Human Resources and Administration Department, and attended by 23 people including Chairman Yan Changzhi and General Manager Xu Shijian. During the meeting, each department focused on elaborating on the value created for the company in 2023, deeply analyzing the problems existing in the department's work, proposing solutions, and a work plan for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in 2024.

Company Management

Looking back on 2023, all employees of Guangdong Chuangzhi have achieved a series of remarkable achievements under the guidance of General Manager Yan and General Manager Xu. Everyone is united and adheres to the core values of "professionalism, efficiency, unity, and achievement", always maintaining efficient team communication and close cooperation to create maximum value for customers. Guangdong Chuangzhi has never forgotten its original intention for many years, constantly exploring and innovating, possessing advanced technology at home and abroad as well as independent research and development capabilities. It can quickly respond to customers, provide thoughtful services, and gain a good reputation and brand value in the painting industry, earning the trust and recognition of customers. In 2024, we will make unremitting efforts to achieve the grand goal of "creating an international brand and creating a century long wisdom".

meeting scene

At the end of the meeting, the company leadership clearly pointed out the key work plan and strategic development direction for 2024, with specific instructions as follows:

(1) Guangdong Chuangzhi has successfully achieved its sales target for 2023, which is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of every Chuangzhi expert. In 2024, we will continue to work hard and strive to achieve a year-on-year sales growth of more than 20%;

(2) Build a research institute structure, introduce research and development projects from universities, strengthen deep cooperation in "industry university research" projects, promote research and development, and provide policy suggestions and solutions to provide more talent reserves and research capabilities for Guangdong Chuangzhi;

(3) To strengthen internal management of the company and adapt to the needs of rapid development, it has been decided to establish the following departments (groups):
1. The establishment of a research and development project for a new automotive parts coating production line ensures the comprehensive and effective demonstration and evaluation of the research and development project, and enhances market competitiveness;
2. Establish a new process department to conduct effective acceptance of painting line projects before completion, ensuring timely detection and handling of problems, and providing strong support for customers to smoothly start production;
3. Further improve the company's project system, accelerate the investment of PMS and cost control digital management software, timely and effective control of project progress, and significantly improve the quality and efficiency of project management.

(4) Working hand in hand, inheriting and developing, the company will promote independent operation and a "master apprentice" operation model, and work closely together to build a professional, efficient, united, and harmonious team in new thinking and creativity, helping to accelerate the development of creativity.


Report by department head

A new year, new ideas, new goals, new strategies! Through this summary meeting, the company's leadership has given clear and explicit instructions on the development direction of the company in 2024. We believe that with the joint efforts of all creative colleagues, creative will paint a wonderful new chapter in 2024.
After the meeting, the company's leadership took a group photo as a souvenir. In 2024, let's unite, start a good game, and take good steps!

Guangdong Chuangzhi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

As of 2023, the company has a total of 238 patents, including 7 new invention patents, 18 utility model patents, 18 design patents, software copyrights, and 3 PCT patents.
In 2023, more than 20 new company honors were added, including National Specialized and Innovative "Little Giant" Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Xijiang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team, and First Set.
In addition, the plan is to establish a research institute structure in 2024, introduce research and development projects from universities, promote research and development, and provide policy recommendations and solutions.

Chuangzhi Coating

The Guangdong Chuangzhi 2023 Work Summary and 2024 Work Plan Conference has come to a perfect conclusion!