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What is metal coating line?


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Metal coating line is a surface treatment process that is widely used in various types of metal materials. It is mainly used in the fields of anti-corrosion, decoration, wear resistance, and anti-skid of metal products. This article will introduce in detail the definition, principle, equipment, process flow and application areas of metal coating lines.


1. Definition

The metal coating line is an assembly line specially used for metal surface treatment. Through a series of coating equipment and technologies, the paint is evenly sprayed on the metal surface to achieve anti-corrosion, decoration, wear resistance and other effects.

Metal coating line

2. Principle

The principle of the metal coating line is to use the interaction between the paint and the metal surface to form a protective film on the metal surface through spraying, drying and other processes, thereby achieving anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and other effects.

Aluminum profile coating line

3. Equipment

The main equipment of the metal coating line includes spraying equipment, drying equipment, conveying equipment, etc. Spraying equipment includes spray guns, spray gun control systems, paint tanks, etc., used to spray paint onto metal surfaces; drying equipment includes heating devices, exhaust systems, etc., used to dry paint; conveying equipment includes suspended conveyor belts, ground conveyors Belts, etc., are used to transport metal products to various process links.

Metal coating line conveying equipment

4. Process flow

The process flow of the metal coating line mainly includes: surface treatment, paint spraying, drying and curing, quality inspection and other links. The specific process is as follows:

1. Surface treatment: Clean metal products to remove oil stains and impurities on the surface to prepare for paint spraying;
2. Paint spraying: Use a spray gun to spray paint evenly on the metal surface;
3. Drying and curing: The paint is dried and cured through drying equipment to form a protective film;
4. Quality testing: Use various testing equipment and methods to test the coating quality of metal products to ensure that they meet predetermined standards.

Metal spraying lines

5. Application areas

Metal spraying lines are widely used in surface treatment of various metal materials. For example, metal coating lines are found in industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, home appliance manufacturing, building decoration, and mechanical equipment. Through coating treatment, not only can the anti-corrosion and wear-resistant properties of metal products be improved, and their service life can be enhanced, but also the decorative properties of metal products can be improved, making their appearance more beautiful and elegant, thus improving the overall quality of the product.


Overall, metal coating lines are an integral part of modern industrial production. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly metal surface treatment method and is widely used in the production of various metal products. For any company that needs to perform metal surface treatment, selecting and using a suitable metal painting line is an important means to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

metal cookware painting line

I hope this article can help everyone have a deeper understanding of metal coating lines. Chuangzhi Coating is a coating production line equipment manufacturer that focuses on customized solutions for coating production lines. It has 30 years of rich industry experience and 2000+ successful cases have been officially put into production. If you have needs for coating line equipment, welcome Contact us to get a quote! Watch more videos

What is metal coating line?

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