Manual coating production line new Sata spray gun identification and debugging method


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When it comes to the spray gun in the manual coating production line, everyone may think that the Sata spray gun is a commonly used spray gun. German SATA was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1907. It has a history of 100 years and has been committed to research and development and production of high quality. Spraying guns, oil-water separators, disposable gun pots, breathing masks and other coating equipment and related auxiliary products are also available in a variety of styles and styles. But how does the Sata spray gun distinguish between true and false? How to debug the new Sata spray gun? I will give you a detailed introduction below!

1. manual coating production line new spray gun identification method
  anti-counterfeiting inspection
  Each new German Sata spray gun box has two Chinese and English anti-counterfeit labels, you can call the inquiry phone or online query to identify the authenticity. There are 2 security labels on the box of each gun.

(1) China National Defense Pseudo System:
  It is mainly to use the anti-counterfeiting technology of the credit information approved by the China National Defense Industry Association to set up a unique non-reusable anti-counterfeit digital for each German Sata spray gun. Just scratch the gray coating in the label and use the dual audio. The phone or mobile phone dials the national unified free inquiry number: 16803315. According to the voice prompt, enter the number in the logo below the coating, you can immediately identify whether the manual coating line spray gun you purchased is the original imported Sata spray gun from Germany. ! Or send anti-counterfeit digital text messages (mobile users sent to 3315, Unicom users sent to 9331).

(2) German anti-counterfeiting system:
  Mainly using the German Sata Spraying Technology Co., Ltd. website: www.sata.com, online inquiry of the German Sata spray gun, scraping off the gray coating on the lower part of the label, the number in the logo below the coating, according to www.sata. Type the prompts on the com website and you can immediately identify whether the spray gun you purchased is a German original imported Sata spray gun!

manual coating production line

2. the manual spraying production line new spray gun debugging method   
(1) check
  Before using the new spray gun, check whether the air pressure adjustment knob fixing bolt is tight. If it is loose or loose, it can be connected to the compressed air before it is fastened. Otherwise, it may cause accidents.

(2) adjustment of 3 knobs
Adjust the paint flow adjustment knob and the spray width adjustment knob to the maximum, then adjust the spray air pressure adjustment knob. Note: If the water or solvent test spray gun is to properly lower the spray pressure, the viscosity of the water and solvent is lower than the paint.

(3) test
Apply a blank sheet of paper or other object test on the wall, hold the gun vertically, and balance with the test object. Pull the trigger for 2-3 seconds to see if the shape of the spray gun is normal.

(4) digital spray gun debugging
  Adjust the required spray pressure directly by spraying the air pressure adjustment knob. Note that all of the above adjustments and tests are adjusted with reference to the technical parameters recommended for different types of spray guns.

  Well, the above is the introduction and related explanation of the method of authentic identification of the Sata spray gun of the manual coating production line. Through these several methods, I believe that everyone can choose the true and false from many spray guns. "The real gold is not afraid of fire. ", learn some methods to distinguish between true and false, fake products will be found out, manual coating production line Sata spray gun from Germany, can be regarded as the old brand of spray gun, quality is also guaranteed, but Xiaobian Still remind everyone, don't be cheap, otherwise it may fall into the trap of the counterfeiter. For more information on manual coating production lines, please visit Guangdong Chuangzhi official website to find out. Watch more videos

Manual coating production line new Sata spray gun identification and debugging method

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