What is a coating line?


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The coating line is an equipment system used to apply coatings in industrial production. It usually consists of a series of processes, covering coating, drying, curing, quality inspection and other links. Coating production lines are widely used in various industries, including cooking appliances, automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, metal processing, industrial equipment, etc., to improve the surface quality, durability and aesthetics of products.

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1. Composition of coating line


The coating line usually consists of the following main components:


(1) Pretreatment: This step is to process the workpiece before painting, including cleaning, degreasing, rust removal, etc., to ensure surface cleanliness and improve the adhesion of the coating.


(2) Primer coating: After pretreatment, the workpiece enters the primer coating unit. Primer is applied by robot automatic spraying or manual spraying to provide basic protection and adhesion.

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(3) Intermediate coating: If necessary, the workpiece may pass through the intermediate coating unit and be coated with a layer of special intermediate coating to increase the thickness or special properties of the coating.


(4) Topcoat coating: Finally, the workpiece enters the topcoat coating unit. Topcoats are applied by automated robotic spraying or manual spraying to provide the color, gloss and protection the product requires.


(5) Drying and curing: After the painting is completed, the workpiece enters the drying and curing unit. The coating is cured by natural gas heating, dry air drying or UV light to ensure the durability and stability of the coating.


(6) Quality inspection: Finally, the workpiece enters the quality inspection unit for inspection and evaluation of coating quality to ensure that the coating effect meets standard requirements.

Coating production lines

2. Application of coating line


Coating production lines are widely used in various industries, the most prominent of which is in the automotive manufacturing industry. Automotive painting production lines usually include multiple painting units such as primer, topcoat and clearcoat. Through precise coating processes, we provide cars with beautiful and durable exterior coatings that also have anti-corrosion, anti-scratch and other functions.


In addition to the automobile manufacturing industry, coating production lines are also widely used in home appliances, building materials, aerospace, electronic products and other fields. For example, in the production of home appliances, coating production lines are used to coat the casings of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other products to improve the appearance quality and durability of the products. In the field of building materials, coating production lines are used to coat doors, windows, aluminum and other materials to increase the anti-corrosion and aesthetics of the products.

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3. Advantages of coating line


The coating line has the following significant advantages:


(1) Improve production efficiency: The painting line adopts automated technology, which can achieve continuous and efficient production and greatly improve production efficiency.


(2) Ensure coating quality: The paining line can ensure the uniformity, adhesion and durability of the coating through precise coating processes and quality control systems.


(3) Cost saving: The high degree of automation of the spraying line can reduce manual operations, reduce labor costs, reduce the scrap rate, and improve production efficiency.


(4) Environmental protection and energy saving: The spraying line adopts advanced coating technology and equipment, which can reduce the use of solvents, reduce VOCs emissions, and meet environmental protection requirements.

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To sum up, the coating line, as an efficient and reliable coating process system, plays an important role in industrial production. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, coating lines will continue to play an important role in improving product quality, reducing costs, and protecting the environment.


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What is a coating line?