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What is the difference between automatic painting equipment and manual painting equipment?


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Automatic painting equipment, also known as automatic painting line, is an automated and intelligent painting equipment. Manual painting equipment mainly relies on the operator to paint the workpiece with the spraying equipment.

These two modes are widely used in the industry, but now the automatic painting equipment is gradually replacing the manual painting equipment.

Which mode should we choose when investing in coating equipment? What is the difference between the two?


1. Painting Efficiency:

The automatic painting equipment automatically paints the workpiece and can paint multiple workpieces at the same time, which is extremely efficient and stable in quality.

Manual painting can only paint one workpiece at a time, the painting efficiency is very low. Therefore, the painting efficiency of the automatic painting equipment is several times that of the manual painting efficiency.


2. Coating Quality:

The automatic painting equipment is automatically sprayed after the spraying parameters are set. The error of the coating of the workpiece is extremely low, so that the coating quality and the qualification rate of the workpiece are very stable.

The manual spraying equipment is mainly sprayed by the operator with the paint spraying equipment. The coating quality of the workpiece is easily affected by human factors such as operator proficiency and operating state, which makes the coating quality of the workpiece unstable. And because the manual spraying requires the workers to directly contact the workpiece, the workpiece coating has a high probability of oil staining, which greatly reduces the quality and yield of the workpiece coating.


3. Production investment costs:

The equipment investment of manual painting line is low, but it requires a large number of workers and the manual spraying will greatly increase the waste of paint and environmental pollution. Therefore, the labor cost of manual painting and the investment cost of coating are larger, which is more suitable for small batch production.

The upfront investment in automatic painting equipment is relatively high, but it only requires one or two operators to carry out the painting operation. The equipment is simple in operation, stable in quality, and the paint can be recycled and used to greatly reduce the production cost of the coating, and is generally suitable for mass production.


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