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Three suggestions for the management of furniture painting production line!


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In the furniture processing technology, spraying is a very important production link. Its production quality and production management will affect the overall product quality and product cost. It is not easy to manage it properly, but also depends on the working method. The following small series puts forward three suggestions on the management of furniture painting production line:
1. Technical management of furniture painting production line
  In all walks of life, technology is the core issue. To talk about management, the first thing to do is technical management.
(1.) Establish a technical file, store the copy swatches, paint processes and formulas, color samples, etc. of all series of products for subsequent investigation.
(2.) The on-site supervisor should always check the work status and quality of the paint adjuster, whether it is working according to the standard, whether the formula is accurate, and whether it is recorded by the operation.
(3.) The paint supervisor should always go to the site to check whether the work quality of the workers meets the required technical requirements, demonstrate and correct their inadequacies, and reduce unnecessary losses caused by improper operation.
(4.) Each link must have a technical display card, clearly indicating the operation requirements, in order to achieve the prompts and control the operator's job standardization.
(5.) The problems in the operation should be clear, not hidden, and the problem should be solved on the spot in time, but the root of the problem should be studied, not repeated, and the record should be recorded.
(6.) Rotating trainers, regular or irregular training technical backbone, personnel in key areas can be placed in the paint booth for short-term training, so that they can understand the paint ratio and interaction, in order to achieve the color response Ability, training of the sprayer as much as possible, to meet the requirements of all people and soldiers.
(7.) The paint supervisor should actively integrate the on-site operation. When designing the process, ensure that the quality is not affected, the simpler the better. Reduce losses due to complex processes.
furniture painting production line
2. The administrative management aspect of the employee's painting production line to employees
  In the current processing industry, most of them are semi-automatic operations. Therefore, people become the main factor. If people are managed and transformed into power, it is a successful management. The following points can be used as a reference.
(1.) People are thinking animals, and there are many emotional possibilities. On the basis of more communication and more understanding, we will strive to do a good job in the ideological education of employees, so that every employee has the spirit of professionalism and professionalism to give full play to their potential.
(2.) Different types of allowances or rewards are used to reflect the responsibility system of each position, so that employees can realize the relationship between responsibility and wages, and the principle of more work, and avoid the phenomenon that people are overstaffed, get nothing, and do not fulfill their responsibilities. Employees' initiative, enthusiasm and job responsibilities.
(3.) The so-called supervisor, who is the main manager of the site, has the ability to manage on-site, has a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and must have hard work and hard work, and take various models to take the lead. This is the train running. Fast, all depends on the principle of the headband.
(4.) Paint is a special department, and environmental sanitation work is also one of its important links. It ensures that the workshop is clean and bright, and actively plays the role of “five S”. On the one hand, employees can work happily, on the other hand, paint is rough, etc. The problem can be reduced by more than half,
(5.) Formulate a long-term training program so that every employee has the opportunity to be trained and developed. In a sense, it shows that the company has room for development for employees, and it is tangible for the vital interests of employees. On the way forward, on the other hand, the company is also increasing the amount of talent reserves to avoid losses caused by the flow of people.
painting production line
3. Production cost and quality management of furniture painting production line
  At a lower cost and faster speed, it is the principle of management to make better products and strive for greater efficiency. When it comes to cost, everyone will think about money sensitively. Then, how can we not only pay attention to product quality but also save money? Below we can explore this issue from the word "serious".
(1.) Coordinate with the general production scheduling, earnestly achieve average production, and timely handover to reduce the waste of space in the storage of products.
(2.) In the principle of “doing it right once”. Considering the next section as a customer, it is not good to do it. Every section must take quality problems seriously and avoid all kinds of waste caused by quality problems in the products.
(3.) Carry out standardization work carefully to avoid the labor, time and material waste caused by improper operation due to improper operation.
(4.) The responsible persons of each section must carefully manage the work within the scope, supervise the attitude and quality of the employees, and avoid the waste caused by employees' work, chat or emotional work.
(5.) Carefully carry out regular maintenance work on tools and equipment to avoid the line-stop time, labor and material waste caused by damage to tools and equipment (guns, oil pumps) during the production process.
(6.) The paint adjuster must carefully calculate the amount of consumables according to the principle of how much to adjust, to avoid material waste caused by excessive blending.
(7.) Before the paint material is sent out, carefully check it to avoid artificial waste of materials due to the lack of the board.