What is electrostatic powder coating?


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    The electrostatic powder coating method works almost exactly the same as the general liquid coating electrostatic spraying method, but the powder coating is dispersed, not atomized.


    The powder particles ejected by the electrostatic powder coating equipment are negatively charged, and the charged powder particles are attached to the object by the action of air current (or other force such as centrifugal force) and electrostatic attraction, and then solidified into a film.


Main Features:

1. Spraying method can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic.


2. The coating is 100% solid powder, the powder can be recycled, and the recycling rate can reach 98%.


3. Equipped with overhead conveying system, the entire line is highly automated.


4. The coating has few micropores, good anti-corrosion performance, and can be used for thick film spraying at one time.



Reduce environmental pollution


    The powder coating does not use a volatile solvent such as an organic solvent. It is an inorganic solvent-based coating, which greatly reduces pollution caused by solvents.


    The powder coating is a pure solid component coating, which can be used in a fully automatic spraying mode. The overspray powder is easily collected by the recycling system for recycling purposes. As a result, the use of powder coatings is almost 100%, allowing the coating industry to reduce waste disposal costs while minimizing environmental pollution.


Significant economic benefits


    Among the components formed by the coating film, the solvent type is about 60% to 65%, but the powder coating material can achieve almost 100% efficiency, and the powder which is not attached to the object to be sprayed can be recycled and reused.


    In the powder coating operation, if there is a poorly sprayed part, it can be blown off with an air spray gun before being baked, and then repainted, which greatly reduces the chance of rework.


    Since the powder coating uses electrostatic spraying, the coating equipment can be almost fully automated, saving labor costs. Even if manual assistance is required, the painter does not have to go through long-term training to master the operational skills.


Energy saving


    Since the powder coating has no organic volatiles and avoids the waste caused by volatilization into the atmosphere, the energy cost is greatly reduced compared with the liquid coating. The electrostatic painting equipment can obtain a thick film at one time without re-spraying. No static time is required in the painting equipment, which saves equipment space. In addition, the baking time of the powder coating is also shorter than the liquid coating, so the fuel energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the painting line can be shortened, and the production efficiency can be improved.

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