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The main equipment for painting includes pretreatment equipment, painting equipment, coating film drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity air supply equipment, wastes (VOCs, waste water, solid waste) treatment system and other ancillary equipment such as dust removal equipment, preheating equipment, robots, independent compartment and electric control equipment.


In order to achieve high utilization of painting equipment, it is necessary to establish a rational coating production line.


First, determine the production plan, and second, complete the process design, program planning, and then design, manufacture, and install non-standard equipment for your painting system. Process design and program planning are the basis for establishing a production line. A correct and reasonable route will have a decisive impact on production operations and product quality.


The contents of the process design mainly include: pre-treatment method, paint spraying method, process flow, coating performance, painting working environment, time and so on.


1. The purpose of Painting

A firm continuous coating is formed on the surface of the object to be coated to exert its decorative and protective effect.


2. The key of Painting Process

The key to the painting process is: painting process and equipment, coating materials, working environment and coating management.


The quality of the material being coated is the basic condition for obtaining a high-quality coating. The coating process, equipment, and environment are necessary to fully utilize the properties of the coating material to obtain high-quality coatings, reduce production costs, and provide economic benefits.


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