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What is the difference between automatic coating line and traditional manual coating line?


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    For a long time, China's processing and manufacturing industry has gained a large competitive advantage in the international market at a low cost, which depends largely on labor costs. The spray industry is no exception. However, as the economy develops and labor costs rise, more and more companies are looking for automated coating lines to replace traditional manual spraying lines. What is the difference between the two? Let's analyze it for everyone!
automatic coating line
1. from the use of spray materials
    Automated coating production line can reduce the waste of paint and other coatings, prolong the filtration life, reduce the sludge ash content of the spray booth, significantly increase the filter working time and reduce the scaling of the spray booth. However, due to the influence of human factors, the manual manual spraying production line can not accurately control the amount of coating sprayed, resulting in waste of paint and more deposition of spray ash, and the number of cleaning will increase, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the spray booth.
2. from the perspective of production efficiency
    The automatic coating production line can realize uninterrupted spraying 24 hours a day, and the machine does not need to eat, does not need rest, is not tired, has no emotional influence, can be quickly focused on production, and is produced efficiently according to preset speed and output. Compared with the manual spraying production line, it can greatly improve the production efficiency and productivity, provide guarantee for modern intelligent production, and can detect the spraying effect of the sprayed workpiece in real time to realize product traceability tracking.
3. From the perspective of employee health
    We all know that paint materials contain various solvents such as benzene and xylene. The thinners such as ethanol and butanol in nitrocellulose paint are also toxic. Solvent vapors are volatilized during construction. When the concentration is high, it is more irritating and harmful to human nerves. The harm of paint to the human body is mainly caused by dizziness, headache, chest tightness, weakness of the limbs and cough. Long-term exposure to high-risk paint may cause serious diseases such as aplastic anemia, leukemia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, and even cancer. Extremely detrimental to the health of employees. The automatic coating production line has passed the budget setting procedure.
    After installation and commissioning, it is no longer necessary to manually apply to the spraying site to realize unmanned and automated production, effectively reducing the impact on employees' health during the spraying process, and effectively reducing employee management. cost.
manual spraying line
4. from the flexibility of production control
    Spraying with an automated coating line allows you to spray products with complex geometries or different sizes and colors. In addition, a simple programming system allows automatic operation of small batches of workpiece production. After the initial production, the robotic spray line can be updated at any time.
    However, different industries have their own specific industrial process requirements, and they do not necessarily have to be automated coating lines. Sometimes the results of manual spraying production lines will be more precise and uniform. Therefore, there is no difference between good and bad, only good for yourself is good.
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