RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer + VOC Zeolite Rotor Concentrator



This solution is suitable for the applications with high volume air streams but low VOC concentrations. 
What is the RTO Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer?
RTO is an efficient industrial equipment used for treatment of organic exhaust gas. The principle is to oxidize the organics (VOCs) in the exhaust gas to carbon dioxide and water at high temperatures, thereby purifying the exhaust gas and recovering the heat released when the exhaust gas decomposes. Compared with conventional catalytic oxidizer and direct fired thermal oxidizer, the RTO offers the lowest operating cost (in low VOC concentration application) due to its high thermal efficiency (≥95%). 
What is the VOC Zeolite rotor concentrator?
Rotor concentrator with zeolite is recognized worldwide as the most efficient technology for removing low concentration volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from a variety of industrial process exhaust air stream, it works by adsorbing VOCs onto a hydrophobic zeolite rotor and then removing and destroying VOCs by using an oxidizer (RTO, CATOX, TO).
1. Using a hydrophobic zeolite rotor to remove the air contaminant from the air stream.
2. The VOCs is desorbed from the Zeolite Rotor with a reduced air stream.
3. Using a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) to destroy the concentrated VOCs.
1. High thermal efficiency up to 95%.
2. High destruction efficiency up to 99%.
3. Low operation cost available with energy efficient design.
4. Low maintenance.
5. Low pressure drop.
6. Safe & reliable operation.

RTO waste gas treatment equipment

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