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Factors affecting various aspects of sandblasting machine


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Sandblasting machine, that is, the use of compressed air in the high-speed flow in the spray gun to generate negative pressure to generate the ejector effect. The abrasive in the storage box of the cyclone separator is sucked into the spray gun through the sand tube, and then is ejected from the nozzle to the surface of the workpiece with the compressed air flow. To achieve the purpose of sandblasting. In the working state, compressed air and sand are mixed while spraying, making full use of compressed air, air flow and sand flow rate can be easily adjusted, ideal mixing ratio can be obtained, energy and sand consumption is low, and the cleaning efficiency is high .

The influencing factors of various aspects of sandblasting machine:

1、Effect of abrasive type on surface results

Abrasives are divided into spherical and rhombohedral according to the state of the particles. Diamonds (white steel jade and brown corundum) usually used for sandblasting are diamond-shaped abrasives. Glass beads are spherical abrasives. After P, H, and θ values ​​are set, the surface results obtained by spherical abrasive blasting are smoother, and the surface obtained by rhombic abrasives is relatively rough, while the same abrasive has thickness and fineness. The number of abrasive grains is divided by the number of sieves in the country. The thickness is generally referred to as the number. The higher the number, the smaller the particle size. After the values ​​of P, H, and θ are set, the higher the number of the same abrasive blasting number is, the smoother the surface results are.

2. The influence of the adjustment of the pressure on the surface results After the three quantities of S, H, and θ are set, the greater the value of P, the higher the jet flow velocity, the higher the blasting efficiency, and the rougher the surface of the workpiece. On the contrary, the surface is relatively smooth.

3. Influence of changes in the distance and angle of the spray gun on the surface results After the P and S values ​​are set, this item is the key to the manual sand blasting technology. The spray gun is generally 50 to 150 mm away from the workpiece. The farther the spray gun is from the workpiece, the jet flow The lower the efficiency, the smoother the workpiece surface. The smaller the angle between the spray gun and the workpiece, the lower the efficiency of the jet stream and the smoother the workpiece surface.