ZNA Aluminum Wheel Coating Line



Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Aluminum Wheel Co., Ltd. has been one of the earliest, largest and the most famous aluminum alloy wheel manufactures in China. It is also the first modernized enterprise which is capable of manufacturing a large quantity of auto wheels and motorcycle wheels in China.
With the increasing use of aluminum wheels in automobiles, the requirement of aluminum wheels is also increasing, requiring not only high mechanical properties but also require excellent appearance and corrosion resistance. In order to meet these requirements, Chuangzhi Coating has been focusing on the design and manufacturing of Coating/Painting Production Line for many years.With mature technology and outstanding quality, our coating/painting line have been widely used in the wheel industry and have won customer recognition.
This design is suitable for the application of highly demanding hardware such as automotive wheels.
A. The entire coating operation area is fully enclosed and the overall equipment is isolated from the outside world. The air supply in the spraying area is purified and the air cleanliness is guaranteed within 100,000 grades. Manually assembling the workpiece on the secondary fixture, and then connecting it with the primary fixture on the conveyor chain. The fixture features: flexible autorotation, easy to plug in, it is the industry's leading technology.
B. The manual/automatic electrostatic precipitator removes the static charge and dust remaining on the workpiece. In order to remove dust from every part of the workpiece, the conveyor chain is equipped with a rotation device at the station. Therefore, the automatic electrostatic dust removal of the workpiece is in the rotation, the dust removal effect is excellent.
C. The fresh air is fed into the air supply device and the finely filtered by a 99.99% filter before it enters the spray booth.
D. Using imported spray gun, the paint output is stable and reliable, ensuring the quality of spraying.
E. Flash-off area is equipped with air supply device and exhaust device to ensure that the paint concentration dose not exceed the explosion limits.
F. Floor conveyor system and overhead conveyor system are available.
G. High degree of automation reduces a lot of manual operations and increases the production efficiency. The whole line can run over 15 years with less maintenance.

Aluminum Wheel Coating Line

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