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Does the paint spraying guns can do the same thing with powder coating


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Most of the time, we need pneumatic powder spraying equipment. And we have pneumatic spray gun, which is used for painting, but we want to used for powder spraying. However, the amount of powder is too small. We don’t know why,or should a paint-spraying gun not suitable for spray powder at all?
The difference between powder coating and paint spraying
1.Spray painting and powder spraying are two different coating methods. Spray painting is by means of compressed air to disperse the liquid paint into spray particles which are adhered to the surface of the coated object, while powder spraying is by means of compressed air to disperse the spray particles which are absorbed by the electric field on the surface of the coated object under the action of high voltage electrostatic force.
2. The correct name for powder spraying is electrostatic powder spraying, not simply done with a spray gun. Electrostatic powder spraying equipment is composed of powder bucket (powder with compressed air), high voltage electrostatic generator, electrostatic powder gun composition.
Use spray gun to spray powder, paint and powder physical properties are different, powder is easy to deposit, forming a fixed layer is not easy to flow. Gravity suction are not enough to bring out the powder in large quantities to form a large powder disposition rate, but you can test whether the amount of powder has increased by knocking the powder can continuously when spraying powder. If it has increased, it means that the powder is deposit and not activate in the powder tank, though you should to consider the activated powder, and spray gun paint outlet diameter is a little small, whether need to enlarge the mouth.
The powder feeding principle of electrostatic powder spraying powder feeding system. The powder bucket is divided into two Chambers, separated in the middle by a hollow plate that can pass through compressed air, and the powder is mounted on a porous plate, part of the compressed air from the bottom of the blowing up, forming a thick powder fog, play the role of activated powder, another part of the compressed air from the upper part of the powder bucket through, take the activated powder away, the amount of powder can be controlled by adjusting the pressure between the two compressed air.
In short, to recognize the different characteristics of powder and paint. It is possible the paint spraying guns can do the same thing with powder coating.
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Does the paint spraying guns can do the same thing with powder coating

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