Midea Rice Cooker Inner Pot Coating Line


Chuangzhi Coating

Chuangzhi Coating has mature technology & rich manufacturing experience for the Cookware Automatic Production Line, we can professionally design and manufacture the Non-stick Cookware Coating Line, Teflon Non-stick Cookware Coating Line and Enamel Non-stick Cookware Coating Line
The whole coating/painting line can be customized according to the customer requirements. According to Midea’s requirement, Chuangzhi coating designed and supplied a tailor-made coating line for Midea’s Rice cooker Inner Pot, after the line is running, it helps Midea to perform surface treatment better and faster during the production.
1. Pretreatment Process:
Loading → Pre-degrease → Degrease → Rinse → Rinse → Blow-off →Drying → Cooling → Unloading
2. Sandblasting Process:
Loading → Rinse(desanding)→ Rinse → Drying → Unloading
3. Non-stick Cookware Production Line Process: 
Loading → Automatic Dust Removal→ Primer Spray Painting → Drying → Cooling→ Mid-coat Spray Painting → Surface Drying → Top Coat Spray Painting → Curing → Cooling → Unloading → Transfer to Out Painting Production Line → Top Coat Spray Painting → Curing → Cooling → Unloading

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