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How to develop the domestic shot blasting machine


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In recent years, through the rational allocation of resources and the integration of advantages, the shot blasting machine industry has established a non-thermal processing technology innovation alliance with a close integration of production, study and research. It has worked closely with industry enterprises and has established a relatively complete non-thermal processing technology research system. The model of cooperation in production, learning and research in related fields in China.
Although China is already one of the major manufacturing countries, many high-end shot blasting machines still rely on imports. Of course, these “high-end manufacturing” fields are expected to form import substitution through the shot blasting machine industry upgrade. At the same time, China has begun to form a brand of international competitiveness in the shot blasting machine industry. This shows that China's shot blasting machine industry has great potential for future development and is expected to create "high-end exports" to create more efficient foreign trade income.
In fact, the "high-end manufacturing" of shot blasting machine also means the upgrading of industrial competitiveness from China's manufacturing to China's wisdom, which is also the need for the development process of China's economy after entering the stage of structural transformation. The past decade was the era of heavy industrialization. Heavy industry accounted for the largest proportion of China's GDP growth. Economic growth relies heavily on energy consumption, and the extensive growth model places enormous pressure on the environment. At present, China has entered the end of heavy industrialization, and the growth rate of the traditional heavy asset industry has slowed down significantly. Therefore, the development of the shot blasting machine industry still needs the joint efforts of the same industry to maintain the orderly competitive environment of the industry together, and at the same time strengthen the combination of technologies.


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