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Attractivechina Coating-Happy Women's Day!


Chuangzhi Coating

A beautiful woman is a diamond, a good woman is a treasure. And you are a diamond. A happy holiday, beautiful good woman!

Twinkling stars dance for you, the moon become warped mouth smile for you, the night quietly over for you, in the moment of joy, I want to quietly say to you: happy woman!

A good woman is a mountain, dignified and generous; Good woman is water, tenderness and continuing; A good woman is a book, full of wisdom; Good woman is a port, safe and reliable. I wish you a happy 38 women's days!

Without the sun, the flowers will not open; There is no love and happiness; No woman there would be no love. No mother, neither have the poet, also won't have a hero. A happy holiday!

The international working women's day arrived, send you a flower, let your beauty like it; Send you a cup of milk tea, let you warm like it; Send you a smile, wish you happy like it, finally I wish you a happy women's day.

The world because of had the woman, but appears particularly beautiful! The regards are only the short several lines, is actually a thick true meaning! Wish 38 section happiness, young and beautiful forever!

    With the arrival of women’s day, Attractivechina Coating  has carefully prepared elegant gifts for all female employees, organized related dinner activities. In this special day ,everyone will gather together with joyful to celebrate. On this occasion, wish all colleagues in the company prosperity, family happiness and have a good health and beauty.






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