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Development and application of low-temperature curing GMA acrylic powder coatings


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After the surface treatment of the polypropylene automobile bumper, use Epoxy acrylic acid powder coating on the treated bumper, can improve the coating adhesion on the bumper surface. 
Acrylic acid powder has the advantages of decorative, weather resistance, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, heat and humidity resistance, as well as hardness and wear resistance. has a wide rang of application in Automobiles, home appliances and decoration, especially in the field of automobile, the application prospect is very good, which has aroused the researchers’ interest at home and abroad, and is one of the most important powder coating material in international.
GMA acrylic acid powder coating, which is consist of GMA acrylic resin, Dicarboxylic Acids, Colors and other functional additives after mixed together and reacted. The common powder coating under the hot air recycle curing condition, the curing temperature is high, long time curing , so the Automobile bumper profile may be changed.
The material of propathene Auto bumper use the GMA acrylic acid powder coating can realized the 120℃ low temperature curing, combined with infrared curing, can short the curing time, avoid the bumper profile change. After the treatment of the bumper surface, also solve the adhesion between the coating and polypropylene.
Adopt low temperature GMA acrylic acid powder coating on Auto bumper surface have excellent performance, also can reduce the VOC exhaust during Auto bumper coating.


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